Monday, March 19, 2012

SRW Z2.2 Saisei Hen PV 2

About 3 more weeks until we get Saisei-Hen and now we got the 2nd PV for the game. Just like Hakai-Hen PV, the Saisei-Hen PV is also glorious and several things got cleared up. First Jigenjuu will be showing up again as original enemies and new villain named Marilyn who pilots similar mech of that belongs to Marguerite. Some if not all Zeuth Cast will regain their full power again as we see Aquarion had its Solar Sword, G-Falcon for DX and Ultimate Gravion. As anticipated Setsuko and Rand are showing up in this game either as guest or joining up the party later on. I guess i need to finish all of my Hakai-Hen's route first before touching Masoukishin 2 as Saisei hen is going to be released next month -_-.

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