Monday, March 21, 2016

Treading into forbidden land

 Since i have been getting back into modelling again recently, i am getting some kits to build from China and Taobao certainly a paradise for Bootleg Gundams. From this encounter, the appeal from these Bootlegs are quite tempting indeed and out of curiosity i decided to get some for research purposes.  While majority of the Bootlegs are Gunplas, there is one Company that does bootleg for Kotobukiya kits called BT Black Knight.

At the moment BT Black Knight mostly produce bootleg HMM Zoids stuffs that roughly cost 1/4 of the Original stuff but at the past they manufacture some SRW kits that probably Kotobukiya didn't produce anymore. From the vendors in Taobao i bought myself Huckebein Mk-III, Weissritter and Alteisen Progressive ver. They roughly cost 1/3 of the original price with Huckebein cost only 50 RMB which is less than 10 USD. I am really curious with the quality of the kit but i think it shouldn't be too different compared to the original one since Kotobukiya's engineering at the time was not that good save for Alteisen Progressive ver. Apart from these 3 Kits, the other SRW stuff that BT do are the non scale Dygenguar and Person-Lichkeit but i think they did bootleg 1/144 Cybuster and Huckebein Boxer at some point.

 My stance toward these bootleg stuffs are neutral considering they won't really affect much on modelling world as they target more on the casual consumers. In the first place these kind of stuffs arises due to demand from consumers who are unable to afford the original product especially on the third world countries where the original product usually cost twice or more of its base price. Probably at some point i will discuss these Chinese Bootleg stuffs considering i live in the close proximity of this Bootleg Paradise. Once i had a good grasp on it, i will definitely write the article to give some proper insights on this controversial Gray Area.


  1. The bootleg version added their translated Chinese name as well. The original Koto are scarce these days and bootleg probably provide some temporary relief...

    1. For some discontinued Models like Huckebein, it appears that Bootleg was the only feasible option considering the aftermarkets sells the original almost at 300% original rate.