Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some Fake Yuusha Toys

 When i was a kid i had some Yuusha toys even though i didn't know anything about the series back then. I still clearly remembered that at least i had Fire Dagwon, Draias and Da Garn in his Police Car form even though none of them survived. I suppose because i marathoned plenty of Yuusha series recently i got tempted to get some of these Chinese edition Yuusha Toys since the original are just out of my budget due to their Vintage Status. For the sake of Nostalgia in the end i spent about 150 RMB on Taobao and got myself Super Build Tiger, J-Decker, Fire Dagwon, Fighbirds and some Goldran mecha. Out of these Haul i think Fire Dagwon and J-Decker is the best stuff whereas the Fighbird turns out to be the worst one. I don't think i will get any of the DX Yuusha toys as their priced jacked up too high but at some point i will compensate myself by getting the Super Robot Chogokins or the CMs instead. If you are interested to look for the older Yuusha Toys in Taobao you can find them by using 变形金刚 and add 勇者 as using the former keyword only will get you Transfomers stuff only. Alternatively you can also use the series title with 勇者王 being the most popular one.

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