Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1/8 Ryougi Shiki -Yume no Youna, Hibi no Nagori- Bootleg Review

 During my stay China, my exploration on Taobao does not only have me encounter Bootleg Gunpla but also discover new realm of Bootleg Figurines. While i have been aware of the Bootleg Nendoroids existence for long time already but i never expected China had quite extensive industry on bootleg figurine until the recent times. While I tried my best not to get too much of these stuffs, i reserved getting these bootleg figurine as an act of discontent toward some series creator. As for this case i got myself this fake Ryougi Shiki which was based on a Kotobukiya version for the sake of giving middle finger to Typemoon for being a shadow of its former self and becoming money grubbing filth with their shenanigans on Fate series. I used to plan to get the original figurine back in Sydney since i watched all of the Kara no Kyokai movie even though i cant really remember the content now. But at very least i still able to see how KnK which happens to be Nasu's first major work lay the groundwork for Tsukihime which still remains as my personal Favorite. I bought the figurine from Taobao for 55 RMB which is less than 10 USD。 And just like a Chinese idiom says "一分钱一分货“ as the figurine quality is relative to its cost which is certainly nowhere to the original but works good enough as display.

 Since the figurine is sold for less than 10 bucks the quality difference with the original are certainly apparent. The Plastic quality for the Kimono and the Katana are noticeably terrible as they certainly look like cheap plastic.

 I don't remember much about Ryougi Shiki apart from being a prototype for Tohno Shiki and her name 两仪 式 which is way easier to write in simplified Chinese certainly represents her dualistic personality nature. The original figurine was based from one of her artwork by Takeuchi which like the name implies is showing the remnant of a piece of Shiki's life before she got into accident.with her gorgeous kimono swinging Family Heirloom's katana. I didn't think she appear much with this getup in the movie but i remember Shiki's finisher in Melty Blood Actress Again does show her in the kimono. Compared to Tohno Shiki. Ryougi's ability is way broken since she is capable using her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception without too much repercussions compared to Tohno. So basically Ryougi is bad ass Heroine who can rack up body counts easily by herself as she is capable of killing an existence if she hit certain spot.

 The Bootleg definitely provide a good alternative since the original have been out of production for long time already and the aftermarket price is quite high. Just keep in mind not to have overly high expectation on the bootleg.

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