Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dragon Momoko MG Tallgeese III Get!

  Tallgeese III is one my favorite MS from Gundam Wing and i still have the HG 1/100 version even though unpainted. Since Bandai made MG Tallgeese a while ago they also made MG Tallgeese II and III which unfortunately difficult to get outside Japan without selling your kidney. So instead i used opportunity staying in China to get the Dragon Momoko version of Tallgeese III for 68 RMB or roughly 10 USD which is a steal for this guy though i expect it is a knock-off Dragon Momoko since the kit cost around 40 bucks on Dragon Momoko's website. Even though i already had 1/100 Tallgeese III, i just buy this kit out of spite with Bandai since they are sometimes rather douchey toward Modelers outside Japan. I expect the quality of the kit doesn't stay far from the original MG   since Dragon Momoko's kit quality is quite decent and apparently the Dragon Momoko version also come with extra parts that Bandai's MG didn't have. If you want to get MG Tallgeese III without forking out too much money then Dragon Momoko's would be a good choice. I think i will probably convert my HG Tallgeese III to Tallgeese II and sometime in near future i will write some post discussing about Bootleg Gunpla for educational purposes.


  1. I remember this kit was very popular before Bandai released the MG Tallgesse III as exclusive version. My friends who have say it a pretty good kit and price wise. I didn't get cos I have prepaint 1/100 scale Tallgesse III figure from 'Arch Enemy' series.

    1. It is really good quality kit indeed, blew the 1/100 HG out of proportion