Tuesday, October 18, 2016

1/8 Bootleg Inori Yuzuriha Review

 Another Bootleg Figurine that came into my possession during my stay in China which came from the Guilty Crown series which is well known for a AAA series that went into epic trainwreck due to stupid internal politics of the production studio. The knock off figurine is based on the Good Smile Company version and i got this one for 89 RMB which is around 15 USD. While the knock off figurine is nowhere close to the original due to plastic quality but still looks decent as display. While i had a chance to purchase the original figurine for 3000 Yen, i decided to get the bootleg just to spite the series being wasted potential for the sake of quick cashgrab.

In the series Inori is part of rebel group who lead a double life as a singer. The story begins when she had fateful encounter with the betamax protagonist and basically with protagonist magic power she became sword for beta-kun to wield. I watched 20 episodes of Guilty Crown two years ago and pretty much forgot everything about it now because how terrible the series is. For such a gorgeous character design, Inori is devoid of any personality and this one of the reason why nobody talks about this series even though it was really hyped back then. But enough with the bashing of the series, you can still find the bootleg figurine of Inori easily on Taobao including her Yukata version, Figma and Nendoroid. Anyhow from this point on are the rest of the pics.


  1. I didn't play the game but have seen many cosplays of this character.

  2. The series mainly known from anime but i haven't played the VN either. I suppose you see plenty of Minori seifuku variant since the goldfish costume is rather difficult to make.