Thursday, December 16, 2010

ACE portable 2nd PV

The PV is out yesterday and just like the ACE R counterpart which shows the roster units and indepth gameplay mechanism though it is not as dazzling as ACE R. From the PV there are some key points that i will point out:

  • The recurring units have most if not all moveset same with the previous ACE installations
  • The 00 Gundam series include both season(hope we are not stuck with Exia and 00 only)
  • 1 Sub Weapon displayed at a time
  • No Originals yet.
I hope this series at least has one original since it won't be ACE if not so. I will looking forward with SEED Destiny , Macross Frontier and Lamune(Protagonist really sound like 80s mecha protag) units considering i have used most mecha from previous ACE other than R. This seriies would be a good introduction for those who haven't played ACE before considering it has most of the previous ACE installment.

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