Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rahxephon thoughts

 Another series that i watched due to SRW influence and quite an artistic approach for a mecha anime. Rahxephon is a beautiful anime but i don't think this series has a capacity to revolutionize mecha series. Overall my reaction for this anime is okay as it neither has noticeable flaws nor being particularly memorable for a mecha series. The main problem for Rahxephon is that it kinda lacks the Action bit as a mecha series and the pacing is rather slow. But this series got some really good music and gorgeous animation as well as romance which is the strongest point of the series for me. The main character relationship with the main heroine is one of the few example of romance in anime which is pulled of really well. Rahxephon is a beautiful mecha design which has special purpose other than fighting which is why it doesn't have any flashy moves. While Rahxephon has some similar elements with Evangelion mainly the character templates, i would say Rahxephon managed to stand its ground on its own. Despite Rahxephon is rather plain, nevertheless it is recommended watch for one of a kind experience in mecha series.

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