Thursday, June 1, 2023

Joytoy 1/18 Sorrow Expeditionary Forces Tyrant Mecha 02

 A Heavy Duty entry for Joytoy original collection, while it is just a repaint of existing product this one is well worth it. Coming in Black Color Scheme, 1/18 Tyrant Mecha made it back again in its Diecast glory and just like the previous one, this one will be sold for 150 USD with Q3-Q4 release date.

 In terms of accessories, Tyrant 02 is exactly the same with Tyrant 01 but the black color scheme make this guy looks sleeker for sure. As an owner of the Tyrant 01 Mecha, I will assure you that you will enjoy the Diecast quality of this guy for something half price of present Metal Build, the sheer weight of this thing just makes it worth the money. While 1/18 Tyrant Mecha might not be the best Diecast toy you can get, It will be the best one for its price tag.

Monday, May 29, 2023

May 2023 Loot

 Well these are the whole hauls of this month apart from Riobot SRX of the earlier post but to be exact it is the loot collections over past 2 months. By no means this haul is the most expensive one as there previous one that had higher value collectively, though that one is like cumulation of 6 months worth, but this one is closing there just from the sheer value of Riobot SRX itself. But from this month's loot you will notice that there are no any Anime related collectibles as I focus more onto mecha series themselves and the proportion of Chinese made stuffs is already surpassing the Japanese counterpart and might stay that way eventually. Out of these loots, apart from the SRX set, Cangdao Metal Slug is quite eyecatching since I ended up yoloing out of fear of trouble finding stuff later on due to scarcity. In any you would notice that I rarely make any reviews on this Blog but I am still trying to be relatively active on Instagram which you can check if interested.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Moshow 1/72 Metal Build Progenitor Effect Lancelot of the Lake


Another Chinese Toy Manufacturer making some top tier stuff and this one is a Metal Build. I have heard Moshow name since their release of 1/72 Gundam like Metal Builds named after Japanese Daimyos but this one they takes whole another level! Dubbed as Lancelot of Lake, Moshow is releasing some really top tier Knight mecha and this one will definitely catch everyone's attention. Sold for around 780 RMB, 1/72 Metal Build Lancelot is scheduled for Q4 2023 release. On most Reseller this fellow will be sold for around 170 USD but I think will still scramble for one,

Metal Build Lancelot will comes with array of equipments as expected from a Knight Mecha including Sword, Shield and Lance as the options. The Metal also will come with LED for the Head unit as the icing on top. I haven't owned any Moshow stuff but from my impression that in terms of Sculpt and Articulation, I think they have an edge with Joytoy. I predict this item will get very rare once on retail but it will also elevate the Brand of Moshow for international collectors. I wonder if this company is interested in continuing this whole Knights of the Round theme lineup.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

MMBN Super Minipla Rockman Exe Heat Guts & Wood Shield Style

 Right around the corner with MMBN collection release, Bandai starting to move on Megaman Battle Network series with their second volume of MMBN Minipla which unfortunately sold as Premium Bandai. Featuring the first batch of MMBN 2&3 Style series, Rockman Exe Vol 2 had Fire Guts and Wood Shield style, scheduled for September 2023 release with 8800 Yen price tag. 

For this prize tag you will get 2 Rockman Exe in two different styles and some buster weapon and tile accessory parts which is kinda lacking for 8000 Yen price tag and does not really show the true breadth that this series could offer. I used to be a very big fan of MMBN series back in my High school day with MMBN 3&5 being my personal favorite. However work obligations prevented me even to play the remake and I still wish for a proper collectibles. Ideally it would be SHF/Figma accompanied by tons of accessories similar to Pokemon Scale World fashion. Seriously Bandai could make some money from Rockman Exe 4&5 Soul Unison series if they know what they are doing.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Warhammer 40k Joytoy 1/18 Roboute Guilliman

 Once they got their momentum going, Joytoy certainly go on very breakneck pace in releasing action figures for 40k and this month we are getting another S-tier item which is no other than the Ultramarines Primarch, Roboute Guilliman! This is even bigger deal compared to Saint Celestine because this guy is one of the loyalist son of Emperor of Mankind and now leads the whole Imperium of Man. Standing 18 cm tall, Joytoy Guilliman will be scheduled for August 2023 release with 140 USD Price tag. 

 Guilliman release by Joytoy is a big deal not just because he is the leader of Space Marine posterboy chapter but one of closest living kin of Emperor of Mankind and the select few who is able to shoulder the burden of leading Imperium of Man. For Joytoy version, 1/18 Roboute Guilliman comes with Emperor's flaming sword and a spare helmet. To be honest I feel that the effect parts could have been sculpted as separate parts but Joytoy's work on Grandpa Smurf is more than enough for 40k fans. Personally I am very impressed with Joytoy being able to release some quality products in short succession considering they also made some Blood Angels Terminator within this month. If you are interested with 40k and have money to spare, this Joytoy Primarch figure is a must get considering it will be very hard to find once the preorder has ended. As a last not I wonder if Joytoy going to work on Lion El Johnson considering he just made his return into the current 40k settings.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Fate/Grand Order Nendoroid 2150 Berserker Morgan

 Well it's bound to be released soon or later but the Ice Queen Morgan finally made it to Nendoroid lineup as well! Considering Castoria got released back in November 2021, her sister Morgan got to make it through as well. Sold for 7900 Yen, Nendoroid Morgan will be released for October 2023.

 Straight from her debut, Morgan just surpassed any of the FGO waifus with her design because just after the summon she declared herself as the legal wife of Chaldea Master and this certainly make her an instant favorite among FGO players. While in the pan human history, she is depicted as a conspiring witch hell bent to put Artoria into downfall, her FGO depiction shows that she can be a very devoted wife if she find a worthy partner like Ritsuka. This announcement release probably meant to coincide with incoming Morgan Banner release in Global server and I am willing to get her Nendoroid version even if I am waiting for her Figma version should she is willing to visit my Chaldea.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

J-Decker Non Scale Super Build Tiger

  One of the better Yuusha Support partner finally made its reappearance as Kotobukiya Model Kit and it is no other than Super Build Tiger from J-Decker. Despite being Non Transformable, Kotobukiya do try its best to provide as much gimmick for this guy and the effort is praiseworthy. Non Scale Super Build Tiger will be released for October 2024 for 11000 Yen.

 With Kotobukiya Model Kit, you get to display the model kit as Build Tiger or Super Build Tiger and the parts swap is simple enough. Super Build Tiger is the gattai result from 4 members of the Yuusha Police team which are Mccrane, Dumpson, Power Joe and Drillboy. The model kit is designed to have some interaction compatibility with the previously released Non Scale J-Decker. For the Super Build Tiger i noticed that the leg are quite extra chunky but the proportion still look better compared to the old Takara Toy. If GSC could release the GATTAI version of this guy under 25000 Yen, i am more than happy to get one along with J-Decker. If you are interested with J-Decker but have no time to watch, you can check my old article here

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Riobot SRX GET!

 By far this is the most expensive collection that I have ever obtained but the required toil is well worth it! When I was in college, I was always eyeing for Volks SRX but fate decided that i will have to wait for a decade and so do I with Riobot SRX. I suppose being someone who is starting to be Semi Boomer and got relatively stable income, my hobby expenses are expanding in proportion. While I find Riobot SRX to be rather expensive for a collectible, I am still aware that I have to get one within short time frame due to notorious nature of Sentinel for nonexistent availability once it has past more than 6 months after the product release. 

Fortunately I am still able to score Riobot SRX for quite reasonable retail price while snagging myself a Riobot R-Gun Powered when it was in Bargain. To be honest I am quite sure this won't be the very end of SRW Onslaught by Chinese Toy Company. All I want is just for some breathing space for each release.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Arknights F:NEX 1/7 Mudrock Silent Night Ver

 Arknights never run short of Quality PVC Figures for the Waifu operators and the beloved Sarkaz Defender Queen Mudrock in her Summer Swimsuit skin. made by Furyu, This figure fall on more luxurious side with gratituous amount of props that come along with the PVC Figure. Scheduled for October 2024 release, FNEX Mudrock Silent Night will be sold for 26180 Yen.

Mudrock is Kuudere Waifu who puts a distance with Doktah initially due to her history fighting on the opposite side of Rhodes Island as Reunion. But once she opens up to Doktah, she is one of the more affectionate waifu. Together along with W and Surtr, Mudrock is the part of Sarkaz Waifu trinity. Her Coral Coast Summer Skin is rather special with the extra amount of allure being exuded. Holding on Apple with exposed skin, it is as if Mudrock inviting Doktah for some intimate private time which is more than possible when her trust reaches maximum like select few Female operators. While i will not be getting this Figure, I am more than willing to obtain Mudrock's Nendoroid which should make her appearance in the next 1-2 Arknights Nendoroid Entry.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Berserk SHF Guts the Black Swordsman

  Even after the mangaka's passing, Berserk series still remain to have the strong following and in turn after years of drought for Merchandise, Tamashi Nation decided to enter with a bang by announcing releaase for SHF Guts and Griffith. This great news certainly a blessing for the fans considering the price of Figma Guts are kinda insane nowadays in the aftermarket. SHF Guts will be scheduled for September 2023 release with 10500 Yen price tag.

 The version of Black Swordsman Guts that Bandai make is the version which Guts got some armor upgrade by Godot after his journey of slaying apostles with Dragonslayer and I believed GSC didn't make the figma of this version for some reason. While the pricing is quite high for SHF, I think the quality for SHF Guts will not disappoint considering Bandai is well reputed for the articulation of their Action figures and SHF Guts comes with generous amount of accessories. The only concern would be the Dragon Slayer to be rather heavy making the poses rather limited though the figma had the same issue as well apparently. Personally I am not the biggest of Berserk series, but Bandai's SHF Guts and Griffit sure worth the hype.