Monday, March 4, 2013

Some loots i got this month

I don't buy much stuffs nowadays as my backlog still keep growing, though i got my Limited Version of Gunhound EX and Vita version of Danball Senki W. I have been anticipating the Gunhound being one of the few games that have similar gameplay to Assault Suit Valken which is quite rare for mecha game. The limited edition is not that special though the packaging is quite nice. I had my Gunhound UMD processed in UMD Password which made the game available on my vita for download for 800 yen instead of 2500 yen which is not that bad. I will be writing the review of the game soon as i managed to clear the game recently as well. As for Danball Senki W i had promised myself not to play the game until i wrote the article of Danball Senki Boost which i already did and currently i am halfway through the game. Recently i also got 1/48 Layzner from Hobbyco for $36 which is quite good bargain but again i won't build this kit until i watched the anime.

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