Monday, March 10, 2014

B-Daman Bakugaiden Saint Dragon

Back when i was a kid around 4th grade i was collecting B-Daman toys which were robot plastic model kits which you had a small B-daman to put on the ball like cockpit. And today i was digging back my old toys and saw the particular toys which was the Yellow Robot that can be combined with other 2 Robots to form a giant robot which i used to have all 3 of them. This makes me dig the net and found what i was looking for and decided to write this post. It turns out the robot toys are from particular B-daman series called Bakugaiden and it seems there is another item to be put on wishlist. This particular set called Saint Dragon have 4 robot model from White, Blue, Yellow and Black bomber can be combined together to form a dragonlike mech named Saint Dragon. By this time this product is really rare and going to cost a kidney to get one either on Ebay or Mandarake costing about more than $100.

I think i will try to find this toy when i go to Hongkong and didn't care if it is bootleg due to rarity status because these toys means alot for me when i was a kid and partially drives me to get into plastic models. First i think i am going to watch the B-daman Bakugaiden no matter how silly the series and if anyone knows where can i get this toy for reasonable price, please let me know but it would be even better if Takara Tomy decided to reissue the kit one day. Before i stopped writing at this post, here is the giant robot that i said to be the combination of the 3 robots which is called Saint Blaster.


  1. It's a real vintage Takara. I used to have a few of Bomberman mecha but yours is deluxe.

  2. same feeling man. i used to have all the bomberman robots just like you. am searching a lot to find the whole collection of dragon saint because it means a lot to me which reminds me of my childhoods days. so please if you know where can i find it too please contact me in my email

  3. Try find them in Taobao, last time i saw there were Full set of Saint Dragon that cost roughly $20 though built already but if you look for the unbuilt it is even more expensive than the one in Ebay. Use 弹珠人 to search in Taobao