Monday, September 6, 2010

1/100 Vic Viper Gradius 5 ver review

Another old review of my kit and it is pretty short one.

 I made this kit 6 months ago which was from Konami's well known shoot em up series known as Gradius, i did play the Gradius collection on PSP which was pretty neat however Shoot em up Genre was never my type to begin with. I found this kit on pretty neat sale on HLJ and decided to get one. After i built this kit i know why this kit was on sale.

This kit is made by Atelier Sai which is a Figure making company, but the kit really reflect the inexperience that Atelier Sai has on making plastic models. The plastic quality of this kit is pretty terrible for modellers since it is really bad compared with Bandai's or even Kotobukiya's plastic quality, because marking the kit is really hard and barely show any result at all. The second problem is the decal quality is pretty crappy which is really loose so expect the decal will drop anytime.

Despite how crap this kit is, i think Atelier Sai tried their best for this lineup, the Vic Viper doesn't look that bad and it is pretty easy to make. However i think the original price tag is too expensive and even the 50% discount still does not worth it. Though you can get this kit if the promotion is really good.


  1. I just finished building one. I love Vic Viper. Though Atalier Sai's model material quality is poor, the mold and form is something I really enjoy. :D

  2. This kit has the heart of a champion but takes a lot of love to bring the greatness out.

    1. It is very hard for Small companies to make model kits to compete with big companies like Bandai and i think they are almost nonexistent by this time in Japan.