Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1/48 M9 Gernsback Kurz Weber Ver review

The Flight pack is pretty good actually.

This is the second FMP kit i am reviewing, M9 Gernsback Kurz Weber version is basically M9 Gernsback with extra sniper rifle for Kurz. I guess Aoshima thinks that this kit will be plain therefore they add Flight pack for this kit. In terms of quality, this kit suffer same problem with the M9 Gernsback Melissa Mao version which are loose parts, terrible hands and weak joints.

Short background about Kurz Weber, he is a member of Mercenary Organization known as mithril and serve as Sniper. He was recruited by Melissa Mao for her team members. Kurz is a flamboyant man, he likes to flirt with girls and has collections of porn, but his love interest is Mao and later in the story they become lovers. Even though he is a pervert, his Sniping skill in Mithril is second to none, one of his amazing feat was sniping Behemoth's part which render it immobilized for a moment while sitting on a Van which moves in a constant speed with a sniper rifle and the distance was pretty far i believe.

I think i did pretty good job on this kit since the nubs are much lesser compared to my M9 Gernsback Mao ver, though the worst part that i messed up with is the back since i tried to fix the gaps with cement but failed, as a result pretty horrible marks left on the back.

I tried to paint the vulcan, even though the result is not perfect but looks good enough for me.

These are the equipments that you get for Kurz Weber ver, you get extra flight pack and Sniper Rifle for Kurz and everything else pretty much the standard equipment for M9 gernsback.

Lock n Load

The flight pack for Arm slaves are not meant for Middair combat i remembered correctly, since in FMP universe the technology is not spohisticated enough to do so since most AS fights are Urban warfare. The flight pack are for high altitude landing which some missions for Mithril required to do so such as infiltration to the enemy's territory.

Since Kurz's speciality is sniping the Anti AS rifle would fit perfectly for him since it packs quite a punch and it was the strongest arsenal that Kurz has in SRW W.

M9 Gernsback has Steel knife for close combat but i don't think Kurz is really good with CQB and probably he will lose when he fight hand to hand with Sousuke or Clouseau.

This sniper rifle is the weapon specialized for Kurz only due to his exceptional sniping skill, the sniper rifle shoots much further compared to Anti AS rifle despite lower fire power and probably not many AS will escape from Kurz.


I think it would be awesome when Lockon meet Kurz and they probably become the deadliest sniper team should they cooperate(too exaggerating i suppose). If the ending of the FMP story was different, Dynames gundam would be the most suitable pair for Kurz lol.

Compared with Mellissa ver, the height is pretty much the same but somehow my Kurz ver is slightly taller than the Melissa ver. I would recommend anyone especially FMP fans to try this kit since the cost justify the quality of the kit. I will be getting 1/48 Arbalest definitely as a sake of my completion and i hope the kit will have extra equipments along with it.

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