Monday, July 29, 2013

Wonderfest 2014

This year's wonderfest is not as interesting as previous years for me but at least i can always expect something from Kotobukiya. Other booths in the this year's wonderfest doesn't really pick my interest and i was hoping some MH or Dougram stuffs. From this years Wonderfest, Koto shown the non scale version of F-22 Raptor TSF which going to be the Infinities color scheme it seems. The kit will be released sometime next year but i expect it is going to be released around the same period like the EF-2000 Typhoon this year.

Also D-Style lineup got some solid addition as Kotobukiya added Votoms series to their lineup and we got the Scopedog, depending on the kit's popularity  i think we may get the fully armed version as well. SRW has been really slow this year but it seems there will be some model kit for Awakened version of Cybuster which first show up in Masoukishin 2 and  i will be looking forward to it. With this i think the other Masoukishin will have better chance to get their kits someday and i will wish Granveil will come first if it happens.  Like usual i will update this post if i find anything worth to add.

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