Monday, December 9, 2013

Max Factory 1/72 Dougram

Well it is abit late for a pre-release thread but there are things i want to talk about this Dougram kit. It has been more than a decade that Dougram got any kit treatment and thanks to Max Factory a new version of the kit is available for the nostalgic fan of the series. The kit will be released on this December with price around 3300 yen. The kit will be 1/72 scale which will be around the same height as HG kit and the proportion is really faithful to original Okawara proportion. Dougram is a prototype Combat Armor developed by anti earth government rebels in Deloyer to spearhead their revolution from oppressive rule of Earth. Dougram proved to be a very powerful Combat Armor as it outperforms most Combat Armor like Soltics and the cannon on its back capable to one shot any Combat Armor. Dougram itself is piloted by Crinn Cashim who is a son of prominent politician of Earth as he decided to fight for Deloyer's cause after seeing the atrocity that Earth done to Deloyer.

This i's what Dougram would roughly look like if the series air in the present and no doubt Randgrith from SRW is a homage to Dougram. As i discussed before, the main appeal of Dougram is not the mecha itself but the political intrigue which is something that you won't see on average mecha anime in 80s and i can guarantee it is comparable to LOGH. The conflict of the Deloyer also kind of remind me what Sirius uprising from LOGH will look like in mecha flavor considering they share same theme. Lastly while i doubt Max Factory will release all combat armor, i think Soltic would be a possible release and a mass produced dougram would be cool to see as well.

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