Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Assault Gunners

A mindless fun 3rd person mecha shooter in PS Vita

Perhaps one of the reason why i got PS Vita two years ago is because of this game and definitely the main cause for me to bother making a Japanese PSN which is a haven for mecha game. Long story short i decided to write an article about this game just to clear my backlog and hopefully provide a decent perspective about Assault Gunners. Overall it is a decent mecha game to kill some time and to make the most out of this game, you need friends to play with.

The gameplay of Assault Gunner is similar with Dynasty warrior series where you fight tons of enemies at the same time except you shoot down the enemies where you control one of the 4 mechas fielded out and getting surrounded by the enemies is not a good idea. There are over 30 missions in the game with varying objective but mainly it is always about destroy everything. Each mission have secret parts to collect which grants you new upgrade parts and weapons and you got them from shooting down the enemies. The player AIs in this game is not too good and most of the time they will die really fast especially when you set them up in offensive that is why for full experience of the game, multiplayer is recommended.

As for the customization aspect, do not expect Assault Gunner have complex customization like Armored Core. You can individually customize each units in the team that you can save in the template. As for the customization you are able to customize the mecha which just consist of the torso and legs parts. As for the weapons you can pick 2 main weapons, one back weapons and melee weapon. However the firepower of each weapons is almost practically the same with slightly different properties like piercing capability or ammo count. You can also change the color scheme of the mecha to your liking which i made mine bearing similar color scheme with Isumi Valkyries.

Throughout the missions you will face bosses from giant tanks to another mecha. You will definitely do not want to get close around them because they can make short hand out of you in matter of seconds. One of the boss which is the red mecha with codename "Ghost" made regular appearance and serve as some sort of rival. You will never to get close with her for sure.

Assault Gunner is not particularly outstanding mecha game, but for 1400 Yen it is still well worth it. Just as i said before the game really shines with multiplayer which is great if you have friends to play with. Currently i am at 60% completion of the trophy and may just try to finish them all. Currently i am considering to get Damascus Gear which is a mecha game from Aksys which caught my attention, might get that game once i bought JP PSN card.

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