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Legend of Galactic Heroes Quotes: Free Planet Alliance

In every age
In every place
The deeds of men
Remains the same

So at last this time is the LOGH Quotes for Free Planet Alliance side which i will also throw in some Phezzan quotes. Free Planet Alliance is a showcase how democracy can turn for the worst as the people in the government prioritize their self interest over the well being of the nation and alienated the virtues that were the foundation of the nation itself. What makes FPA significant is that how it portrays  the current situation in Developed nations nowadays which is scaringly accurate. While characters from FPA side are less memorable compared to their Galactic Empire counterpart Yang Wenli himself  makes up for it. Again he is probably the wisest character that i have ever seen in anime, no even in fictional works and probably he is the best representation Democracy in the most idealistic way in anime. Nevertheless i do like some characters from FPA like Poplan, Schenkopp and Bucock who are really good character which you should observe if you are watching the OVA. As usual the contents are spoilerific and better you watched the OVAs first before treading into this post.

Yang Wenli - As long as human history goes on, the past will continue to accumulate. History isn’t just record of the past, it’s also the proof that civilization has continued to advance to the present
  • Let’s see.. this is very.. in short for Fatherland? Risking life? No, why? Because we can only drink good tea while we are living. Everyone, let’s fight so we don’t die
  • And so in any age there are always instigators
  • “Soldier’s heart” is it?! It is because bastards like you that the war never ends!
  •  The empire, with a few nobles ruling the masses is a bad government. On the other hand the alliance with a government chosen by people is badly governed. Which one do you think is wrong?
  • I only studied a little bit of history and I have learned there are two current thoughts in human history. The opinion that there are things worth more than human life and the opinion that there is nothing preferable to life. When the war begins, it is on the pretext of the former type of people and it justify the latter when the war ends
  •  Soldiers kill their enemy and fail to protect their allies, cheating and outwitting strangers day in and day out. It’s a worthless business
  • The fleet is no more than a tool, a tool that shouldn’t exist
  • When people are promoted half-heartedly, I think they rapidly become corrupt
  • There’s no law that says a child should pursue his parent’s occupation
  • Perhaps the freedom “not to get involved” is the most valued freedom that we have in this nation
  • In a moment a battle will begin, it is a good for nothing battle, that’s true. But even so there is no point in losing either. I have a plan, just take it easy and don’t overdo it
  • Our national destiny depends on this battle, not so important compared with individual rights and freedoms at stake
  •  If he turns traitor, they will say that I am no judge of character
  • There has never been permanent peace throughout human history. But there have been plenty of decades of peace
  •  Kids grow by exploiting adults
  • The public tends to believe that the commander who troubles his soldiers is even more troubled by greater responsibilities.
  • We can’t expect them to just let us win, can we? They are the enemy afterall
  •  Strange isn’t it? Liking an enemy commander better than our own politicians
  • Our alliance forces were not actually defeated, maybe someone dies too eh?
  • Fortunately neither self destruction or suicide attacks are to my taste
  • The importance of strategy is to set an equal condition, it is silly to ignore strategic situation and discuss the relative merit of tactics. That won’t happen in real war.
  • You can’t win a war by relying on hardware alone
  •  I think despots are any statesmen not chosen by the people who rule by means of force and steals people’s freedom
  • Political corruption is not just politicians taking bribes. Political corruption means that people are not free to criticize politicians for taking bribes
  •  By causing a big storm and hiding during the storm, he’s(Truniht) never been damaged himself
  • It is strangely paradoxical, but what made Rudolf create an atrocious, despotic government was his sense of duty to the whole human race.
  •  Can you rely on someone who never died and yet speaks importantly about death?
  • Once hostilities starts, it’s a terrible thing
  • The greatest crime of people is to kill people or let people be killed. Soldiers do that for a living
  • The nation that neglects social inequality, mischievously increase military expenditure and then use its power to suppress the citizens on the pretext of invasion by an external enemy is on the road of extinction, that is the current state of our nation.
  • To those in power, there’s nothing cheaper than other people’s livesIf you are so envious with my position how about we swap?
  • Because a nation doesn’t create individuals with cellular division. Instead it is individuals with autonomous intent who gather to establish a nation.
  • People may need societies but not necessarily need a nation
  • Thinking this is a part of my job, I was patient, but people have limits
  • War is an fascinating idea for people who take advantage from it and try to establish their own profit through other people sacrifice
  • What is the most cowardly and shameful thing in human conduct? It is when people with power and people who flatter them who hide in safe place and extol the war, force patriotism and self-sacrifice on others, and send them to battlefield to die
  • Humanity does not necessarily need to be united as one nation
  • Dictatorship itself is not absolutely evil, it is just another form of government. The point is how you run it for the benefit of society
  • In reality, it is dictatorship rather than democracy that drastically advance government reform
  • Rulers aren’t necessarily wise through generations
  • Do you see Julian? That’s the way of great commander fights a battle. They have a clear objective and once they accomplished, they leave the battlefield without getting untangled
  • An army is a tool of violence, and there are two kinds of violence. Violence to oppress and control and violence as means of liberation
  • Having a history differentiates mankind from all other living species
  • To join force with one side of divided enemy, for machiavellanism that’s good
  • I don’t think people within organization should be able to conduct themselves just for their own inconvenience
  • You are free to think but you are never free to talk
  • Julian, people tend to make a mistake of believing that a situation will last forever
  • Anything that has not existed since the genesis of universe does not need to survive until the end
  • Embodiment of evil do not exist other than in TV dramas
  • Alcohol is humanity’s friend, can I abandon a friend?
  • You are free to think but sovereign self-confidence does not always lead to objective results.
  • To me Political power is like sewage, you can’t do without it but it is something you don’t want to approach
  • Neither Terrorism nor Occultism has changed the history In any constructive way
  • Recognition alone does not always lead to just action
  • I believe that being ruled by the worst democracy is still preferable than to be ruled by best autocracy
  • What an excellent commander(Muller), he sizes up the situation well, he fights well , he knows when to protect his master
  • The right to violate the rights of people belongs to the people
  • The sin of dictatorship is that the people can push off the failures of the government onto one man
  • I believe that an ideology seen  from another side must give to a counter ideology
  • I despise those who hide in safety while they glorify war and patriotism and send other people while they relax behind the line.
  • There is no need to wait for rainy season to set fire on savannah because no matter what, the dry season will always come
  • Everyone has to display certain loyalty toward their paycheck
  • Whether it is government or military, I know very well where evil rules
  • Because Kaiser Reinhard is a brilliant ruler, this is why he is the worst enemy of republican democracy
  • Julian, we are soldiers and republican democratic structure is often born from the muzzle of guns. But military despite engendering democracy should never boast its accomplishment and it is not unfair thing. Because the gist of democracy lies in the control by people, who have the power
  • Democracy institutionalized the control of power holders by law and structures. And military need this control the most; they fight for the political structure that fundamentally denies them. The military of democracy must accept that contradictory structure
  • Kaiser Reinhard is not necessarily perfect in his character but he is the most brilliant existence of the past few centuries of history
  • The gist of democracy lies in coexistence of diverse political value
  • In the end, conspiracy or terrorism cannot reverse the flow of history, but they can make it stagnant
  • In other words people follow people but not necessarily ideals or institutions
  • Coming with tactics alone will not win us any battles. If the fleet does not have the capability to execute the plan flawlessly, there is nothing we can do
  • No matter how remarkable the individual is, if we belong to different camp we have no choice but to try killing each other
  • Good people and remarkable people are killed meaninglessly, that’s war that’s terrorism
  • In the end, democracy has to rely on individual’s fame doesn’t it
  • Right judgement can be only made with right information and right analysis
  • Someone who cannot hate something cannot love anything either
  • Space is a theatre, both tragedies and comedies will end at some point
  • Conspiracies does not move the history by itself
  • Kaiser Reinhard is someone who would not regret sacrificing himself for his ideals, ambitions, love and hatred
  • The collective wisdom of ordinary people is better than one genius
  • I wonder if the masses have always wanted an autocrat?
Julian Mintz
  • Any era is always the same
  • Those who sheds other’s blood, those whose blood are shed and those who grow fat by lapping up the blood that’s shed. It takes all kind eh?
  • If it is the law that people make, then I think it is the law that people can undo
  • From elder to junior, from predecessors to followers. I wonder if that is how torches of feelings are relayed. If that’s the case, those who value that fire must take the responsibility of keeping the fire burning and handing it to the next successor
  • I wonder if history is accelerating? Everyone live hastily and die hastily
  • if the measures that seem most despicable are the most effective measure to reduce bloodshed. Why human seek the path of righteousness and suffer in the process?
  • I don’t want to indulge in reminiscences about these people, I want to reminiscences with these people
  • We have no choice, either way Kaiser Reinhard will want battle before negotiation. Whether we are ready to shed our blood for our ideals or not , seems to be one of the Kaiser’s gauge for measuring people
  • Historians will look at the amount of bloodshed in terms of “efficiency”
  • The age of chaos where heroes and geniuses are needed is ending and the age of stability where reconciliation, cooperation and order will be valued is coming
  • Freedom, autonomy, independence, self respect where did the democratic ideals of Heinessen go?
  • For those of use who are still alive, the journey continues
  • Politics always takes vengeance on those who belittle it
  • As a place for immense talent to act freely, an autocracy Is better suited than a democracy, isn’t it too ironic?
Frederica Greenhill
  • The government cannot openly trample the principles of democracy!
  • It is true that you can’t take journalism seriously
  • Autocracy is the most effective structure to carry out drastic changes
  • To tell the truth I don’t mind if democracy doesn’t exist

Alex Cazellnu - Someone should take responsibility, it is fairer than a society that does not hold anyone accountable for it
  • Yang come back alive, this war is too stupid to die in
  • It ‘s an absurd luxury to be a bachelor past the age of thirty one
  • Children don’t grow up looking at perfect parents rather they use their imperfect parents as anti teacher
  • In fairy tales, it’s been recognized that princes and princesses are right and ministers are not. But we can’t decide justice based on fairy tales
  • The skilled one always come out from the enemy side
  • Funeral only need one person but Marriage need two people
  • It is not unusual for love to make you forget the sense of care and respect for others
  • Passion has nothing to do with mind and character
  • This is the first step to militaristic government eh, swearing allegiance not to a government but to a man. What a nasty problem
  • In politics, the institution and structure gain their binding power starting with the second generation
  • The foundation of a good government is to avoid starving the people

Dusty Attenborough - Human do not fight for the principles and philosophy, they fight for the person who embodies their principle and philosophy
  • Because women have human rights
  • Miracle Yang will show us another trick
  • When your enemy is Black Lancer, the pretense of running away becomes life or death act
  • You know, half of the fun from drinking alcohol is in breaking the prohibition regulation
  • I don’t want to make Iserlohn to be the graveyard of democracy
  • We are being tested by history, having lost Yang Wenli, can we still maintain hope, unity and organization
  • If it were a third rate anime, dead protagonist can come back to life at producer’s convenient
  • Miss Celibacy doesn’t seem to want to relinquish me
  • Julian is a performer not a composer; he is a translator not a writer
  • I hate losing battles!
  • Either way the one who can die tomorrow are those who survive today
  • Since when does luck have a limit to its amount?
  • Damn that wild boar Bittenfeld! It seems that he has somehow written words like caution and prudence in his dictionary. What good does it to him to act like an intellectual?
  • When you fight, you have to choose the time and opponent right?

Walter von Schenkopp - You can have me for an enemy if you wish
  • Admiral, because if I am serving under you, I have a feeling that I can live a long life
  • Whether it is empire of alliance, corruption in military is the same!
  • Those who forget their obligation to protect their people just for their own safety must be punished accordingly
  • If you don’t believe in yourself, how other people going to believe
  • I don’t care if the coup succeed or not , or even what happens to the alliance. But if Yang Wenli dies now, history will be boring hereafter
  • A man how does not believe in himself but always emerge victorious. For a man who only believes righteousness, that must be a hard existence to justify
  • Those with authority can rewrite the meaning of “Justice” in their dictionary as they please
  • I like giving orders but I don’t care for taking them
  • Only a nation which safeguard individual human rights is worthy of being called democracy
  • A nation can sell out its citizen but the reverse is not allowed
  • Life is too short to embrace woman I don’t love
  • I didn’t defect from empire to live through feelings like this!
  • For a private military group, it is natural to disintegrate once their leader is lost
  • Democracy is an institution that codifies the self restraint of the power holder huh?
  • If it is something important to you, you should protect it with your own life or seize it through your own hand isn’t it
  • Exhibition games are left to the second rate actors and the feature actor will star in theatre in the presence of imperial force
  • From Oberstein, I get the impression of Empire brand razor of absolute zero
  • Do not misjudge your duty Julian! It is your responsibility  to meet with Kaiser Reinhard and negotiate on equal terms and it is our responsibility to create the environment for it
  • Rosenritter is an exclusive club, they want outsiders to find their fortunes elsewhere
  • Walter von Schenkopp age 37 died upon leaving these words “he needs no epitaph for his grave. Only beautiful woman’s tear will give peace to his soul”

Oliver Poplan - Chasing skirts is not the only thing I know to do. I am literally a walking museum of life experiences
  • When they pass 30, people sure get ugly don’t they Julian?
  • We are knights of justice who save wandering boy Kaiser and fight the usurper who is evil incarnate? This is ridiculous! Are we playing some kind of cartoon heroes or what?!
  • He(Yang) does not deserve any point as lovers, but as a strategist no one else is better
  • If you are in Yang’s Fleet, even having dozen of lives is not enough
  • One cannot be alive without jokes alone, but if there were no jokes, I would rather not to live
  • The word “Free” from Free Planet Alliance means self determination; I have no nostalgic love for Alliance that has become slave to Empire! It has no charm, like a woman who lost its self respect
  • Women and wine are the same, they both need time to mature
  • Sometimes a man got to do what he does not want to do
  • Even if the clothes are too large in the beginning, they will fill out as you grow. That goes the same with courage
  • The secret of not getting killed by the enemy is to underestimate life’s difficulty
  • In terms of women, the number below 1 is 0. There’s no such thing in decimal number
  • It is the fate of young revolutionaries to suffer from the older generation’s lack of comprehension
  • Personal vendettas should always be carried out by one’s own hand
  • Fruit, war, women each of them becomes ripe at the ripe time
  • In order to get a good looking woman you have to make the first move you know?
  • If I run away from danger, it will be as much a dishonour for me, Oliver Poplan as being accused for flirting women indiscriminately
  • Listen, don’t die young all right? Let’s meet again a couple of decades from now when we get old and let’s badmouth those who died and left us behind

Alexander Bucock - I want to have good friends and I want to be a good friend to other people. But I don’t want to be a good master or a good servant
  • It’s you who asserts the impossible and without even moving away from safe place! You only demonstrate your ability with your eloquence, not by actual result
  • Those bunch cannot understand anything but factional politics
  • Although admiral Yang can see the near future very well, it is a shame that he cannot take any action on what he sees
  • I think it is right for democratic nations to restrict the power of soldiers. Soldiers should not wield power or authority when they are not on battlefield
  • The institution of democratic government is not wrong. The problem is the system is being alienated from the spirit that supports it
  • I cannot allow the alliance to become dictatorial just to compete with Empire’s dictatorship
  • If a nation cannot exist its founding policies and its citizenry, there is no reason of that nation to exist!
  • It is said that desperation can sometimes yield an outcome surpassing strength and tactics
  • The collapse of government is the sin of the rulers and leaders, the collapse of democratic rule is the sins of all citizens!
  • Democracy is the philosophy of making friends on equal terms not creating master servant relationships.
Trung yu Chan
  • Yang Wenli has many shortcomings, but he has one virtue that no one possibly can criticize. That is he honestly believe the principle that a democracy of military exist solely for the purpose of protecting lives of its citizens
  • A toast to democracy

Dwight Greenhill
  • We must carry out our government’s decisions, even if we think those decisions are stupid
  • Young men these days are hasty you see, if I didn’t lead them who would restrain them? 
  • People often pick on trifling matters, and sometimes people make mistakes

Job Truniht - I take advantage everything I can! Religion, political systems, the Kaiser, anything!
  • In order to advance with toward true freedom, you must be one with nation!
  • Regrettably grief invite madness
  • Knowing how to handle hero is also a talent of a nation’s leader
  • I don’t believe “interesting” and “factual” is the same thing, are they?
  • The people are like kite on a wind, they have no real substance and all they do is floating up high in the sky
Sidney Sitolet
  • Not every soldier thinks war as fun
  • I have no excuse for those who have died
  • I passed on to other people the responsibility that I should have held and I became spectator.  Because of that many who took that responsibility died. I regret it deeply
  • Principle are expedient in order to stay alive
  • Fighting for lost causes can only get oneself killed
Luis Mashengo
  • A man cannot forsake his own destiny
  • At times like this the one cries first win I guess
Ivan Konev
  • This is just one battle, it won’t decide the war
  • This fight is no good, for now just think about returning back alive
  • Everyone are more optimistic than pessimistic, that’s what you call morale
Boris Konev
  • Good people don’t live long especially in chaotic times like this
  • Religion is convenient thing for those in power. There is no more efficient tool for dominating the populace
  • In a religion there is nothing cheaper than the life of its faithful
Jessica Edwards
  • Where were you, who glorify the war dead?!
  • Do you think it is alright to commit atrocity as long as you are prepared to die? Do you think it is alright to commit horrible stupid act as long as you have conviction? How can you justify your own personal view of righteousness through violence?!
Joanne Lebello
  • The survival and safety of a nation is not a question of personal integrity
  • The most admirable human trait is self sacrifice
  • I hate to say this but a nation’s survival is not something to be discussed at the level of one individual rights
  • Everyone is deserting their responsibilities abandoning me
Hwan Lewi
  • Superiors? Are politicians are such great people as that? We don’t contribute whatsoever to society’s productiveness. We are just entrusted to fairly and effectively redistribute taxes and we get salary from doing that job.
  • If politicians looks that great it is nothing more than illusion from the propaganda
  • He(Truniht) has a short memory when it is convenient
Jean Robert Lapp
  • The truth is always unpleasant!
  • History is not going anywhere
  • The black hen laid a white egg
Arthur Lynch
  • Perhaps my decision back then was a mistake. But must I be degraded this much? Must I suffer this much?
  • How does it feel to know what you believed to be right backfired horribly?
  • Honor? How worthless
Random FPA soldiers
  • What’s the use of having bodyguards if someone can just walk up and shoot him?
Random FPA Politicians
  • War is what makes civilizations advance and psychologically elevates people
  • If there’s something you can’t buy with money, you can always use money to buy power to take it
  • Chairman, you have no right to use the privilege of democratic rule to destroy the spirit and history of the democracy!
  • Do you mean for one man to erode the fruits of two and half centuries of this democracy found by Ale Heinessen?
  • No sacrifice is too great

Adrian Rubinsky - People who are greedy are easy to manipulate
  • The smaller and powerful is easier to manipulate
  • If the interior of a nation is firm, it can’t be destroyed merely by attacks from external enemy
  • This thing called a nation starts to rot from the top down
  • Fanatical doctrinist are hard to manage because they have no enjoyment in their life
  • To make people do as you wants, you should press your opponent into certain situation, steal his freedom and narrow down his choices
  • While government extol democracy, in reality by ignoring the law and rules they reduce the democracy itself to a mere formality.
  • If people itself do not respect the law, the standard of society itself will slacken
  • If you don’t flush the garbage out quickly, it will clog the sewer
  • The feeling of safety robbed people of healthy decision making ability which lead to the result of them making the worst decision
  • Every human is being made so that they can understand whoever is on lower level than they are
  • If I set too many fire, I will end up being burnt to death before I can extinguish them
  • There are times that you have to take a chance even when you don’t have the ace of spades
Rupert Kesselink
  • It is all right to throw away the past but don’t do the same with the future
  • Rather than present being the result of the past. It is more important that present be the cause of future
  • I have some pride in my abilities, I prefer to believe that’s why you hire me
Dominic San Piena
  • He doesn’t choose the way of winning according to appearance?
De Villier
  • A rebellion by a retainer awakens autocratic rule suspicious nature. Leading to a large scale purge which amplifies his retainer’s fears resulting in their eventual revolt. Histories of monarchs are mere repetition on that
  • You are foolish for killing me!
  • It may be good to sell, but it is not fun to be sold
  • It doesn’t matter whether it is your parents or your country, sell them, but at high price


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