Monday, March 28, 2016

Brave Police J-Decker

Yuuta and J-Decker
 This is my second Yuusha series i have watched after Gaogaigar and i am glad that i have made some progress despite some lollygagging. J-Decker is one of the later Yuusha series which have rather different formula compared to its predecessor as its genre gravitate to Slice of Life. Like most mecha anime directed to sells kids toys, the series empowered your average kid to do awesome stuff and J-Decker comes in Police flavor. The main protagonist is part of police force and serve as the Leader of the Sentient transforming robot squad fighting against crime, pretty awesome eh?

 At first i thought J-Decker is all about Kids trying to play police but at its core it is all about the friendship between a child and a Robot. While J-Decker is not as GAR or as Flashy as GaoGaiGar, The Robot Casts in J-Decker are still Yuusha through and through. While Gai is one of the most hotblooded guy is have seen around in Mecha series and the J-Decker Team are nowhere near to Gai's level, they have shown Courage and Friendship throughout ordeal and that's what it takes as a Yuusha. The main issue for J-Decker to me is lack of serious enemy or rival that makes the series memorable as well as kinda average human casts. The series took a slightly different turn on Monster-of-the week formula as the J-Decker team perform investigations cases by cases before confrontation for its episodes, making it somewhat Kids version of Ghost in the Shell. Usually each Case last for an episode but the long one last around 2 to 4, and one of the case that i quite like is the old rivalry between police inspector and phantom thief.

 Even if it is not as good as Gaogaigar, J-Decker is still a decent watch and it got rather good animation quality for its time. When i was a kid probably i remembered i had some Yuusha Toys even if it is bootleg one and i recall my local toy store Super Build Tiger which were bootlegs as well. After J-Decker i will continue my journey to watch these Yuusha series which have more getting translated and i will probably start from Da Garn.

J-Decker Squad


  1. I'm not that similar with these robot but they do resemble the robots I played in this game 'Brave Saga' on PlayStation One. This line of mecha do possess a strong culture of Japan's law enforcement, fire fighting brigade and train system.

    1. J-Decker should be in the game or sequel least since the game features Yuusha series and it is made by Takara themselves who cooperate with Sunrise to bring Yuusha to life. I should give them a check one of these days.