Monday, November 3, 2014

Sakura Taisen

Few while ago i watched LoGH MADs with Sakura Taisen OP which is really really catchy and at the same time looked at the discussion about this series on /m/,  long story short i gave the VN a run. In terms of storyline Sakura Taisen is nothing special but it certainly got its charm that makes it really popular back when it came out first which was around 90s and apparently the Dreamcast version was something else. Sakura Taisen is a lighthearted harem story about group of young girls with ability to pilot Steampunkish Mechas called Koubu fighting Demons in 19th century of Tokyo while having a double life as Theater tropes during their peaceful time. What hooks me to the series was the mechas which resemble steampunkish dwarfed version of Scopedog from Votoms. However the charm of the series really lies on the girls and probably Sakura Taisen played a part too in making Harem series popular in Anime whether it is mecha or not.

While the storyline of the first Sakura Taisen is rather mediocre, the presentation of the game as VN is really superb for its kind at its time and till now it doesn't aged too much too. The VN got SRW-esque battle throughout the chapters which was rather easy especially Ogami can totally block damage for the girls one at a time. The first game is quite linear though some parts differ abit depending on the girl you picked which i got Iris for my first run. I think i will get Sumire and Sakura's epilogue first at least before i moved on to the 2nd game and apparently Maria is really popular from what i know. I heard the series doesn't concluded properly with the 4th one but i do hear good things for the 3rd Sakura Taisen which i will look forward to play someday eventually! One of these days i will discuss about some Sakura Taisen lineup that interested me.

While Iris is still a loli she is one the more useful member in the group even though her dual attack is abit silly. Also her future self looks quite promising!

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