Thursday, November 18, 2010

New SRW Kits! 1/144 Valefor!

Just find the pics on /m/. It seems that Kotobukiya try to put a good reuse of their 1/144 Ialdabaoth. If i am not wrong, Valefor is another mecha piloted by Shura Warrior just like Ialdabaoth and the pilot is most likely the green haired guy who serve as either Folka's rival or friend. I don't think i will get this kit unless i finished SRW OG Gaiden and reconsider it Unlike Ialdabaoth which i will get if Kotobukiya plan to release Soulgain kit.

The green haired guy that i refer to is the one on the left while Folka is the guy at the right.

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