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Mechatalk: BETA

The primary antagonists in Muvluv series

Since I was unable to cover the detail of the BETA in my Muvluv Alternative post as it would derail the content of that post back then i decided to create this post to explain what i know about BETA. BETA stands for Being of Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary to Humanity is the Alien race that Humanity have fought over 30 years in Unlimited/Alternative universe and suffer incredible loss. Basically BETA is an Organic creatures that are created by a Silicon Lifeform from Carbon and don't consider themselves as living organism. They are tasked for recycling material which Humans are considered as one of those materials.

The first time human encounter BETA lifeforms is in the 1960s where a unmanned spacecraft landed on mars captured the sights of living being on that planet and it send a photograph that show the proof and destroyed shortly afterward. Human then confirm the existence of the BETA when they land on the moon several years later which human respond with offensive attack which are failed. Afterward the BETAs on the moon are launching hives to Earth which the first landed in Central Asia, Kashgar. China launched counterattacks immediately while they refuse any help from UN. For the first 2 weeks China seems to be in Advantage, however shortly after they suffer total defeat as Aircrafts are shoot down instantly. From here onward human are fighting in losing battles where the total human population reduced to 1 billion by year 2000.

The picture above shows the location of the hives on Earth indicated with the red marker, most of them are located at Asia continent. The Hive gradually increase its size over the time and the biggest one on earth is Level 5 which is the one in Kashgar while the rest of the hive on Earth are around level 2 to 4. There was a hive in Canada but America respond it immediately after learning from China's defeat by launching many Nuclear Warheads to the hive which destroy the hive at the cost half of the Canada's land uninhabitable. There were 2 Hives in Japan and by the time BETA land in the Japan's mainland, 36 million lives were lost in a week. In the year 1998, Human manage to reclaim the Yokohama hive in the operation Hesperus by dropping G bomb.

There are 7 identified Strains of BETA so far which appear in the battlefield so far this is the size comparison which is from the Integral Works. Each of the BETA strains carry specific role and Tactical Surface Fighters are the main force human used to fight against them. I will explain the BETA strains from the smallest to the biggest one.

The first strain is the Soldier class BETA which is the most recent created strain(it is indicated they directly created from human bodies) and the weakest at the same time. The Soldier class is probably the most iconic BETA strain considering this guy is responsible for the death of several main characters in Alternative and one of the death is no other than the famous Marimo Headchomp. Soldier class is designed as anti personel unit where they target regular infantry or civillians and eat them. However they are pretty much useless even against Mechanized infantries. Standard issue machine gun for infantry are good enough against them.

The 2nd BETA strain is the warrior class designed as anti personel unit. While it doesn't show alot in Alternative it is said that their trunk like arms can easily pull a man's head off and you will find them really fearsome opponent when you fight them in mechanized infantry.They can be easily killed with Infantry's rifle but due to their agility, it is hard to hit them which means a regular soldier would be good as dead against them.

The third class is the Laser class which the number one reason why Human cannot fight BETA with jet fighters and had to develop TSF. They will target anything in their sights prioritizing unit that has the most sophisticated equipment such as TSF. They can target enemies within several hundred meters height within several hundred kilometer area with deadly accuracy. They can be easily killed even with Infantry's rifle but it is actually hard for that since they are always protected by the other BETA strains. However they never shoot fellow BETAs and also never fight in the hive.

The 4th Strain and the deadliest one in my opinion is the Tank Class. The reason why i say this guy is the deadliest is because many TSF pilots died either in a gruesome death on their mouth or friendly fire despite being the smaller strain. They are pretty versatile as they serve as Anti Vehicle, Personel and TSF unit. They can destroy TSF in numbers by piling up the TSF and bite through the cockpit killing the pilot. Tank's machine gun easily kill them but 36mm Chain gun of the TSF is the best option. TSF Combat knife is used to kill this strain when a TSF is surrounded by these guys.

Then the 5th strain is the Grappler class which is the one often shows up in the battle. They are the main fighting force of BETA against TSF. With their arms with 15 Mohs Hardness they hit the TSF to death and one hit straight to the cockpit is enough to destroy a TSF. They can be killed with 36mm machine gun but 120 mm would be the best option since the Grappler class can block the 36 mm with their arms.

The 6th strain is the Destroyer class which serve as cavalier units of BETA which is another anti TSF unit serving as formation breaker. They attack TSF by charging toward them with it's hard shell at the running speed of 170 km/h. While they don't kill as much as Tank Class, they cause alot of disarrays by breaking the TSF Squad formation and quite dangerous in the hive battle. 120mm cannon is not effective to kill this guy in the front though at the back, 36mm machine gun even works. Probably this strain is the most troublesome until TSF can destroy its armor with ease. Ruitare is one of the BETA strain that is heavily inspired from one of Blue Gender's Alien

There are Heavy Laser Class BETA which still belong to the same strain with the small one. The Heavy Laser class fire much powerful laser beams which can destroy TSF to cinders while the smaller strain need 5 seconds to destroy one. In exchange they have longer cooldown time. In Battles, they are often become the primary target since artilery fire are useless when they are around and Grapplers and Destroyers tend to protect them. They can be killed with 36mm but 120mm is always recommended for swift kill due to the threat these guys pose.

The last and the biggest Strain of BETA is the Fortress class. While they don't pose many threats to TSF, when lots of them shows up the battle won't be going well. The fort class can easily destroy TSF with their legs or with its stinger which secretes strong acid enough to kill a human. Probably their main role is to be meatshield protecting the Laser class as they are hard to kill and they can also carry several small BETA strains inside them. 120mm will work against them though melee is possible considering the main protagonist of Alternative killed more than 20 of this train under several minutes mainly with his type 74 longsword while a Squad a hardtime already facing one of this class.

BETAs are pretty much mindless creatures which receive order from the Hive. Out of many hive there is a leader of the BETA which resides in the Kashgar Hive. This BETA strain is known as primary objective which is probably the main villain in alternative and Human will never really win the fight against BETA unless they kill this guy. The primary objective command all of the hive and provide strategy to the other hives based on the information given to it. The main protagonist manage to destroy the primary objective which give a hope to humanity at cost of losing people precious to him.

This is the collected Information of the 7 BETA strains chart which is made by some great anon from /m/. If you don't find any information that i cover about the 7 strains then you will find it here. This is all what i know regarding the BETA from Muvluv. Perhaps there will be some additional information if i manage to play other Muvluv series.


  1. Thanks, it helps alot.

  2. And also there are other BETA species - Reactor class and 2 species found in the Original Hive - Barrier and Carrier class.

    1. I noticed that though i wrote the article to list Hostile BETAs that shown up and i haven't played alt chronicle when the article was written