Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now Watching SRW OG: Inspectors

Just started to watch this anime which i initially intend to watch later once the series is completed and i have to say that i am really satisfied with the anime. The series has been very good so far with solid of Mecha action every episode and recently i watched until episode 7 and 8.

Episode 7 is the invasion of Riksent where Ryoto told Ryusei that Huckebein MKIII is cancelled from production which makes Ryusei disappointed and probably represent disappointment of SRW fans as well. The Gespenst Kick is really awesome though the random Samba music makes the scene is rather WTF.

As for Episode 8 where the story cover the invasion of Inspectors to Mao Industry, the thing that really catches me the most is the Mecha that Mekibos piloted which actually looks pretty cool XD(really different with what i saw in the game). Not to forget the debut of Valsione and of course EXBEIN!!!! Exbein is pretty kickass with Boxer Frame and able to fight just like MkIII. I didn't expect Ryoto's voice is girlish sincei didn't play SRW OGs

As for episode 9 i heard it is the Debut time for Trombe and apparently Elzam didn't ride Huckebein MkIII. I am looking forward for the next episode to be subbed(though it doesn't really matter) i noticed that some subber are not that well versed with the series which result in some mistranslation. SRW OG Inspectors is truly great fanservice for SRW fans and definitely difficult to understand by casual watcher and probably they find the story dull(which is true since Story is not the strong aspect of SRW anyway).

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