Monday, March 5, 2012

Late February loot

These stuffs are what i bought around the end of last month which are from Amiami mainly and again no gundam stuff this time. I boguht myself a Kotobukiya Shiranui, SRW OG Masoukishin 1&2, Volks A3 Shiranui and Machine Robo Revenge of Chronos DVD. I decided to buy Shiranui since it is technically the lead mecha in Alternative which makes it a must have for me and i will be do some paint job for it as well. Apparently i decided to get Shiranui's Volks A3 as well since it was pretty cheap in Mandarake and i think it will provide a better comparison with Kotobukiya's lineup. The Volks A3 Shiranui had Blast Guard and Impact Guard which would make nice pairing with Kotobukiya's Shiranui once i built it.

I bought Machine Robo's DVD from local DVD store nearby my place. While i am not really interested with the series at the first place, SRW MX makes me decide to give the series a watch. I don't think the DVD is genuine copy but it is good enough since it is hard to find old mecha series like Machine Robo over the internet.

When the game was announced, i preordered this game immediately at Amiami and decided to skip the NDS version of the first Masoukishin. The game comes with Maosukishin OST which contain the Masoukishin 2 OST that have the latest version of the series music. Currently i am playing the first Masoukishin at the moment and i would say this game is quite awesome while slightly differ with other SRWs that i have played.

If you had PSP get this game immediately!

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