Sunday, April 22, 2012

Velvet Kiss

I don't really talk about ero manga in my blog but this particular series called Velvet Kiss worth to mention which had finished it serialization recently. This series is made by Harumi Chihiro who is one of the better doujin mangaka in my opinion when it comes to storytelling. The story revolves around a Salaryman named Nitta who had promising career until he suddenly plunged into despair as he is gotten into massive debt which doesn't belong to him. However the debtors offer Nitta a special condition to clear his debt by accompanying a mysterious girl and befriend her. However Nitaa doesn't know that his fateful meeting will lead to chains of moments of despair but at the same time he will also encounter unexpected love.

Unlike majority of ero manga, you will probably read Velvet Kiss for plot rather than the ecchi stuff(which is still good tho) because the romantic development of the main character is pretty good despite it starts slowly. While i heard the series is prematurely ended, i think the Mangaka managed to wrap up most of the stuff really well. I don't know if there will be sequel or not but Velvet Kiss is still solid when it stands by itself. If you like Velvet kiss, you might try to check "Koi wo suru no ga Shigoto Desu" which is written by Harumi Chihiro as well and i recall it has quite satisfying ending too.

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