Saturday, September 15, 2012

Replaying Symphony of the Night

Few days ago i got some sudden urge to play Symphony of the Night. Previously i managed to finish the game 4 years ago which i played the one from Dracula X version in PSP. This makes the 2nd time i played this game and this time i tried to accomplish what i didn't managed to do in my previous run. In my first playthrough, i didn't do much weapon hunting and just went straight ahead to Count Dracula with Alucard Sword. However this time i try to do the opposite and managed to get some exotic weapons for Alucard like Heaven Sword, Mablung Sword, Mourne Blade or even the infamous Crissaegrim(i have 2 of them!). Got to say with these weapons, Dracula's castle is walk in the park for Alucard. My favorite one is the Heaven Sword, while Rune Sword is much better, when you get 2 of this weapon Alucard can pull some really cool moves which is similar like Gate of Babylon. In this playthrough i also managed to level up my Muramasa to have more than 100 Atk points which i used Dark Octopus to bleed from which is less time consuming compared to slicing those Medusa Heads.

SotN is best known for its influence of Castlevania series as it starts the whole Metroidvania stuff that bring the series to another level. For me i have to admit that this series is my personal favorite mainly because Alucard the most badass Castlevania protagonist(he would have mop the whole castle in Dawn of Sorrow by himself if he got his SoTN gears). Out of all Metroidvania that i have play, i can't say Symphony of the Night have the finest gameplay compared to later titles but i can guarantee SotN got the best fun factor. my only disappointment with SotN would be not enough strong enemy like Demon Lord since most of them died in few hits by the time i got the awesome weapons. This game or Aria of Sorrow is the best gateway for the series if you are interested with Metroidvania titles.


  1. Played this game for the first time and finished it around last year, which then made me go through a marathon for AoS, DoS, PoR, and OoE. Great times.

  2. Give Harmony of Dissonance a try, while it is not as good as AoS it is quite nice Metroidvania to add into completion.