Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Another blast to the past as i cleared another backlog of mine. Cing may not be a well known company but all games that i have played from them are very strong in the storytelling aspect. . Taking place in 70s, Hotel Dusk is a detective game with Noir touch where you play as burnt-out former police detective named Kyle Hyde. As Kyle Hyde you explore the Hotel Dusk interact with other Hotel Guests which each of them have stories to be unraveled which pieces by pieces get closer to clues of the person that Kyle Hyde had been looking for since he retired his police job.  If you like Text-heavy adventure games with Visual Novel esque presentation, this is a really good not to be missed. While the gameplay maybe slightly annoying, i can assure you the story is rather mindblowing which is rather a rarity from japanese games. It is a shame such good company go under too early because they got some games with rather interesting story and unique gaming experience as well. Probably i will be playing Last Windows after this which is supposedly the sequel of this series.

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