Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thoughts

I admit that i have been quite inactive in blogging from last year but last month is the record for me for being least productive on my blog. I blame it to monster hunter 3U which i spend quite alot of time to play from March until now and within this time i have reached HR8 as well as clearing all village quests. I also managed to make Gold Moon set from Gold Rathian which is awesome though i can't get the skills that i had on the same set back in Freedom Unite. With this mileage, i believe i can reviewing about this game.

Firstly about the rants, while MH3U probably has the most refined gameplay but content-wise it is still loses with Unite which at least bother to add more maps for the game. Underwater battle is the new feature from Tri series which is quite hit or miss but for me it is a miss. While i don't really have problem killing monsters underwater, i am never able to bring myself to like fighting underwater mainly because i cant fight freely compared to fighting on land and arguably Ceadeus is one of the main reasons i hate fighting underwater(can kill it under 15 minutes though). Aside from lacking of maps and underwater battle, my greatest disappointment for the game would be the weapon trees. Despite getting the same treatment of MHFU, MH3U is rather lacking in weapon branches. For instance if you want certain elemental weapon like Fire or Thunder you only practically have 2 or fewer choices to make and it is guaranteed one of the weapon branches require you to farm Rubies or Mantles in order to upgrade it. For Lance i am rather unhappy that there is only one decent Ice elemental Lance which barely did the job while the other usable option requires Awaken&Sharpness+1 to be used and even Gunlance doesn't have any usable Ice Gunlance at all(Lagombi's is terrible).

Aside from the rants i suppose the games plays just fine and it is still the best MH that has been out so far(until Vita got one at least). The Grank is still challenging but more balanced at the same time since not many OHKOs compared to FU. Poison and Slime Weapons are quite powerful in this game so you might consider to use them. While MH3U is great game i don't really think MH really fits on 3DS in the end.

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