Monday, June 16, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow and Muvluv

Never planned to watch this movie but since i heard good things about it, i decide to give it a go just like other thing. It was surprisingly entertaining movie unlike hollywood adaptation stereotypes which usually end up being terribad. I have read the All you need is Kill manga which shared the same base material with this one and compared to the manga the movie had happier end and less shonen tone. I find the main reason why the movie did really well is mainly because of the base material is good to boot with and rather easy to convert to suit tastes. It still makes me wonder how Tom Cruise looks still so young until now considering he has been active before he played in Top Gun

What makes me include the Muvluv in the header is that because it shares the same template with the source material of Edge of Tomorrow, in a way you can say that Muvluv is All you need is Kill with Giant Robots. Basically the main protagonist is a weak guy but gets stronger after going through loop after loop while dying in the process and in the end the main heroine is the cause why the guy can't get through out of loop. Depending in on what perspective you see Muvluv Alternative either inspired by All you need is Kill (which came earlier btw) or plagiarize it which i think Muvluv borrowed "a little bit too much". I used to like Muvluv series back then but got abit sick of it lately due to poor continuation of the series that goes nowhere which gave me the impression is that Alternative is too unoriginal. Nevertheless i believe the novel probably borrow the inspiration somewhere as well which at the moment i didn't know yet but i believe eventually i will. So Muvluv borrowed heavily on Blue Gender and All you need is kill what else the series borrowed at the time Alternative came to light?


  1. I watch this movie too and the idea of repeating the day everyday and better each day. Those Exo suit in the movie are pretty good looking too. I must agree that Tom Cruise still look good and very much the same since Top Gun and kickass.

    About Muv Luv and knowledge is really limited to the anime Total Eclipse. I like how it begins and the seriousness of fighting to live. Well, there are parts the plot went slow but those fan service scenes are always bonus...

  2. My complain for Muvluv mainly directed to the Alternative VN. As i realize where the story material derived from which turns out to plagiarize way too much and it is just a shame really.

  3. I don't know about Blue Gender, but you're making a very ilogical assumption about All You Need is Kill and Muv-Luv.

    Muv-Luv not only came before it almost two years prior than the AYNSK novel (ML came in february of 2003 and AYNSK came in December 18 of 2004) but you missed the fact that with Extra came Muv-Luv Unlimited, the work that is basically the template for MLA, but NOT ONLY that you missed but also that a fandisc of Muv-Luv called Muv-Luv Supplement if a trailer for Muv-Luv Alternative came ONE DAY PRIOR than All You Need Is Kill's novel.

    So it's obvious now, between those two works, which took inspiration from which.

    Maybe you should correct this article of yours.

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    2. Extra and Unlimited have nothing to do with the AYNSK indeed it was Alternative that borrows the element from the Novel.

      You see Alternative was intended to be released earlier but ended up on the shelf in 2006 as Age tried to expand the VN material from other series.

      What Alternative copied from AYNSK is its template of constant time reset each time the protagonist died and the main heroine need to die in order for the time loop to stop.

      while unoriginal Alternative was still a good VN it is just that the sequels are such a letdown.

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      (gonna repost to put this warning on the front for future readers or something since I felt bad for not doing so at first, sorry for the inconvenience, Yami).

      You're getting out of your way to force that point up, yeah?

      Let's start with the thing you're missing about the heroine. Sumika as a important plot mechanism was first conceived in Unlimited, it was kind of foreshadowed in there and what Sumika is in alternative couldn't not be seen as nothing more than a consummation of that Sumika brain in Unlimited so you're saying she has that importance to the plot because of AYNISK is ilogical, since the reason for Sumika to change dimensions was made before.

      Now the more lacking assumptions: What time reset? The protagonist dies? When?

      Yes, there are time resets, but they're only assumed, since the player himself isn't explained of the connection of those timelines directly. When playing Unlimited, you're assumed to be chaning the story once you start making choices between the girls you like in the game, but to know those VN routes were different timelines was an assumed plot twist. What I mean by that is that it's different from AYNSK since: 1-The player and Takeru himself DON'T experience those timelines AS timelines, whereas AYNSK the protagonist experiences it directly and clearly (from what I know).

      And more importantly: 2-The protagonist doesn't reset a single thing and he NEVERS go back in time. What happens is that Sumika is reuniting several timelines possibilities together inside Takeru, so SHE's reseting things, but Takeru is NEVER directly aware of that since he DIDN'T experienced those events SINCE HE WASN'T IN THOSE, those were OTHER Takerus, not him. That distinction is constantly made in the game itself. Even if they were all "the same" but different versions. You have to notice as well that Takeru NEVER goes back in time in Alternative. The only instance that you could call that happening is when Takeru goes to the Extra timeline, which is more like an alternate universe than a different timeline, which gets to the other point you're missing: When the reset occurs because of Takeru's death? You're really forcing things up lol

      That can't happen since Takeru's ALREADY DEAD in the world Sumika lives in. What does happen is that Sumika wants Takeru back so bad that she's reuniting all possibilities of Takeru existing into a single one to her own world. In the process, several timelines are being thrown into oblivion, but not because Takeru's diying in those. Rather, Takeru even had normal lives in those, having family and dying in battle, all normal. The reason those timelines are condemned is a dimensional one, something affecting reality directly. An inconsistency inside Takeru. The other reason those timelines "reset" (they aren't really, the thing that happens is that those timelines are being brought to light by the awareness of them being existed, the OBSERVER thinks it's being reseted based upon that same observation but those timelines really were just possibilities happening alternatively that happen to connect once Sumika started to bring her lover back, from what I recall) is because Takeru's not choosing Sumika as the heroine.

      So what seems to happen here is that you're stripping every difference out to leave only the common elements those two stories SEEM to share. Even then, neither both of those works created the time travel elements they have, mind you. Basic elements are like that: They're basic. What matters is beyond those tiny things.