Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cospa Free Planet Alliance Jacket

If i am asked to do LoGH cosplay i will choose doing Free Planet Alliance over Galactic empire not because i prefer FPA but i find their costume is cooler while being simple. I have been wishing for a good jacket that i can use as FPA Soldier's uniform for a while already and never had a luck finding it. But recently i guess my wish is granted in some way, Cospa recently announced their version of FPA jacket which will be released on this October directly for sale in the Japanese anime convention. Up until now i only know Cospa for making T-shirts but with this release it changes my opinion about them. The jacket looks good but i find the price is too steep, the Jacket will be released on this October for the price of 30000 Yen which is just too expensive for its kind of attire. With 30k Yen i could make 2 good quality suits tailor made in my country but i think it is still a good buy if you can spend that amount of cash. I may be planning to have this jacket design tailor made and patched with the Rosenritter emblem which i think i will get it much cheaper and better quality too. Other than Jacket, Cospa will be releasing the Beret which cost almost 5000 yen as well as the detachable Rosen Ritter patch and FPA rank emblem. Over past few months i have been hearing there are some plans for rebooting LoGH anime which i don't think it need any. If Cospa ever release a Galactic Empire uniform i bet it will cost 100000 yen. Also here is the picture of the beret

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