Monday, June 21, 2010

1/144 Gespenst Mk-II Review

Finished working on Gespenst Mk-II last week

A decent kit though lack of accessories
The reason that i pickup this kit because Gespenst Mk-IIS was one of my favorite mecha to use and i will explain the reason later

Pretty cool grunt suits in SRW OG series which are replaced by Huckebein later in the series

There are still some nubs, however this kit gives me valuable point in making plastic models, i learn from my mistake not to totally cut the parts off the runner completely, at least i should let some of the runner remains then remove it with knife.

This kit comes with 2 weapons, Mega beam rifle which has pretty nice details, though in the game it was a crappy armament, and the other weapon is:

A beam sword/saber nice color and it is a crappy weapon as well since some SRW mechas comes with kickass melee weapon which render this weapon to be a mere backup, but most Real Robots in SRW OG had one as standard equipment.

Gespenst MK-II comes with one built in weapons which is known as Plasma Stake/Jet Magnum, i wonder why the western version changed the weapon name, it is a powerful melee weapon which makes this mass produced models tough opponent for close range enemy.

SHOUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! GESPENST Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!! , killing rows of Barrelions easily which is why training Kai one of the Aggressors for getting Gespenst Mk-IIs is really worth it. Kai makes this grunt mech really shines, May power of Gespenst Kick compels you!

As usual from SRW kits, this model also suffer articulation problem, that's why the Gespenst kick pose is a bit awkward but in terms of look it is undeniable that kotobukiya tried their best yet. This kit is pretty rare but if anyone interested in getting one, get from Ishop2Go

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