Thursday, November 3, 2011

MG Duel Gundam announced!

A few while ago Bandai announced that a certain MS from Gundam Seed will get a Master Grade treatment as part of anniversary of the HD remaster release of Gundam SEED series and finally it is confirmed to be Duel Gundam Assault Shroud. So far there is no information when the kit will be released or how much will it cost but i think the kit will be around 3500 - 4500 yen price tag. At first i thought the SEED MS that will be announced are either Justice, Aegis or Providence since they have closest relationship with the lead character MS though i am still interested with this kit since i am a fan of mecha that can attach additional armor parts and might get one if the price is reasonable. Duel Gundam itself is the 2nd Gundam from G Project stolen by ZAFT and piloted by Ace pilot Yzak Joule. Throughout the series Duel Gundam fought Strike quite frequently as Yzak sought revenge with the pilot of Strike Gundam who injured his face during ms combat.

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