Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fate/Extra Finished!

Throughout my second playthrough of SRW Alpha 3 i managed to spend some of my spare time to Fate/Extra. At first i thought this game is just another cheap milking attempt of Typemoon with its Fate franchise but it turns out to be rather decent game. Fate/Extra is a RPG game loosely tied with Fate/Stay Night and there is no any direct relationship with the predecessor. Fate/Extra pits the main character in a Holy Grail War where he will fight other 7 masters with his/her own servant in order to win omnipotent wish granting Holy grail. The battle system is rather unique as it use rock-paper-scissor system which seems to be hard at first but getting better later on.

 In my first playthrough, i used Archer who is no other than EMIYA since it is the easiest way to relate Fate/Stay Night with this game. Just like in F/SN Archer is cynical guy but really caring though i should have used FeMC for better interaction. Throughout the game, my journey is quite smooth though i spend quite some time with Lancer(Rani's route) which i find more troublesome compared to Gawain. I am quite disappointed that the Unlimited Blade Works in this game is nothing much than attack buff unlike in the original series though the awesome tier music is still there.In the end my experience throughout the game is just like a Rollercoaster as the game had rather weak ending.

Currently i am doing my second playthrough with Caster who is definitely not the best character to use in the first playthough due to being really fragile. However i think i am going to really enjoy her route as much as Archer's at least and slightly disappointed not to preorder her 1/8 Figure back then. Anyway If you don't follow Fate series probably you will find this game is just a mediocre RPG series with slightly unique battle system but you will probably have a pleasant ride throughout the game if you are a fan of the Fate series. I am quite curious what Fate/Extra CCC will be offering?

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