Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Muvluv Total Eclipse Anime afterthoughts

Hmmm didn't expect the Scarlet twins got the Su-47 like that and the bad guy pilot died pathetic death like that. Just as i promised when Total Eclipse began to air that i will watch the anime till the end regardless how bad it will go. As an anime, TE might be mediocre at best but it served its purpose really well and quite an enjoyable ride for me as the Muvluv series follower from the VN. From what i see, the main purpose of Total Eclipse anime being created is to generate general interest for Muvluv series as well as raising the hype for the Upcoming VN for Total Eclipse on PS3 and Xbox360. What i sought from the Anime is the TSF's action which is probably the best part from the anime and i really like how the anime show the Physics of the TSF. Now i also understand Age's decision to give Total Eclipse an anime since arguably it is the better choice to showcase assorted choices of TSF as the anime featured plenty of different variants of TSF and it makes me interested enough to get A3 J-10 if i can find a good deal. As a Muvluv series fan i can say the anime is watchable for fellow fans and i hope the TE VN will get a PC port so i can get a copy. By the way Merry Christmas everyone!

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