Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some stuffs from Mandarake

Getting myself some early Christmas Present and Birthday from Mandarake which i ordered around the end of Last Month. At that time i got myself couple of good deals and hauled several quite rare stuffs which are Japanese Exclusive stuffs. From Mandarake i got myself Composite Ka Cybuster Masou Kishin Version, Armor Plus Sol Tekkaman 2 and FAF Bellzellute and Wildwurger. i have been watching over the Armor Plus for a while and got mine for 6000 Yen which is pretty good deal while i got the Cybuster for 4000 yen despite i can get regular one for less. Lastly i get both FAF for 3700 Yen and didn't expect myself to be able to find the Bellzellute since it is one of the harder figure from the lineup to find. I will get the Sol Tekkaman 1 if i can get it for 6000 Yen which probably will take a while. I also will review one of these loots ASAP so look forward for it!

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