Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SRW UX for 3DS

Well SRW never ceased to surprise me every time, just today i got to know Bamco announced another new title for SRW series to be released on 3DS. The new SRW is called UX scheduled for March next year for 6800 yen. Some series from SRW K and L will be returning to UX along with couple of new mecha series. Some of the debut titles are Demonbane(Midorikawa's wish come through it seems), Mazinkaiser SKL, Heroman and another Virtual On title. Being a fan of the series after i finished reading 2 of the VNs, My body is ready for some Demonbane goodness in SRW but i didn't expect it become like this. It is hard to justify for me to get the Japanese 3DS solely for this game and i don't really have other Japanese 3DS title that appealed me. I will just be bystander this time and hope that Demonbane will see another light in SRW for other platform.


  1. Demonbane? But I think it's the anime version, not the insanely broken one from the VN. If this is true then that would be a letdown.

  2. We can't expect much since it is the first debut for Demonbane in SRW but i am optimistic that the Demonbane will eventually incorporate some of its elements that makes it awesome.