Monday, August 8, 2022

Doom Breaker

 Another really good Fantasy manhwa i encountered recently and this one is basically Tsuyokute on Steroids! Doom Breaker is a story of Hero who was given a second chance and got transported into the past after surviving many ordeals from the cataclysms that fell upon his world only to be utterly defeated in a battle with Demon Lord . Gifted with the knowledge of his previous life and some blessing by the god, the Protagonist named Zephyr who looks like Genos expy tried do things right this time, gathering necessary power while saving people to matter to him in order to confront the Demon Lord properly once again.

 Just like Solo Levelling, Doom Breaker is packed with really good action sequence and for once i really respect these Manhwa illustrators to be able to put up a quality works on weekly basis in full color no less! Doom Breaker is definitely had really good potential and could last for 200+ chapters easily with its current material. While i don't know how the series will end up, the first 45 Chapters is pure awesome and unlike Solo Levelling, the Sidekicks are very competent on their own actually. I hope the Doom Breaker illustrator could keep watch his health in check because Popularity awaits this Manhwa in near future.

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