Sunday, August 7, 2022

Solo Levelling

 A popular Korean manhwa during its serialization that gains even more fame with the recent passing of the illustrator and this one lives up to the reputation despite some glaring shortcomings. Solo Levelling begins with the typical Isekai trope where the weak protagonist suddenly gains overwhelming strength after being left for dead by his teammates. Think of the manhwa as something in between Arifureta and The Gamer, but Solo Levelling have none of the harem BS that the japanese counterpart usually have in the genre as extra baggage.

 Solo levelling starts like a typical Isekai but the story ends up like Diablo series, this is what separates this manhwa among its peers and secure the Manhwa's popularity. Solo levelling's strength lies in its superb action sequences and some interesting concepts that it tried to showcase through its 179 chapters but ultimately never fully manifest. The protagonist is basically a chosen candidate of Lucifer expy who was involved in an endless war between Chaos and Order represented by Monarchs and Rulers. Using the power inherited by its predecessor, the protagonist ultimately try to save his world ravaged by the endless war of the two otherworldly factions.

The most glaring flaw of Solo Levelling is that the human characters aside from the main protagonist are rendered irrelevant by the 100th chapter as Sung Jinwoo is overpowered complete with his own army. But i don't think this is the main reason why Solo Levelling stops its serialization way too early because it could have gone for 200-300 Chapters especially the Monarch War and Time Travel arc is way too short. To be honest Solo levelling concept is quite universal and the upcoming anime adaptation could have just use full Japanese setting and the story would work out quite fine. I hope that  anime adaptation could be better than the previous Korean Manhwa adaptation which didn't do enough justice for the original work.

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