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FAF Cerberus Review

The Watchdog of Hell in action!

This time i will be reviewing Full Action Figure version of Cerberus, the playable Real Robot Original unit in SRW MX which will appear in future SRW OG2. Currently this is the only version of Cerberus Figure which is made by Volks. This the first FAF toy that i have and from what i know FAF lineup had couple of SRW OG figure that Kotobukiya never made the action figure like Werkbau or Ryukooh. Surprisingly the Toy version of Cerberus is really good and probably the best stuff that i ever bought from Volks until now.

Cerberus is one of the 2 mecha from Tsentr Projects which specialise in Ranged combat with 2 seater cockpit. From a single glance, Cerberus kinda remind me of the Sol Tekkaman 2 which is somewhat similar in terms of appearance but differs completely otherwise. In SRW MX i used Cerberus as my original unit, while the Cerberus is quite weak at first, the upgrade is really kickass since it is perfectly capable of handling close and ranged combat itself.

The pilot of Cerberus are Hugo Medio and Aqua Centrum who are members of Tsentr Project. Hugo is a former Earth Federation task force called Cry Wolves and he serves as Albero's right hand man. In MX his team are decimated by Devil Gundam in which he lost his best friend and suffer critical injury that results him become half cyborg. At first Hugo doesn't get along with Aqua really well due to differing personalities but later on they will have strong bond. In SRW MX, Hugo had to face his former Mentor, Albero Est who pilots Medius Locus and their relationship is similar to Domon and Master Asia. In OG Gaiden Hugo met the same fate when the Cry Wolves face against the Jetz Regisseur and he is going to face the same ordeal in OGs2.

Unlike previous Volks stuff that i reviewed, the FAF Cerberus comes with plenty of gimmicks for its type and had rather decent articulation. While i doubt the other FAF have the same quality, at least i have some good impression with them.

The main armament of Cerberus is a rifle called Radical Railgun, While Cerberus is unable to use it while moving, it has longer range compared to standard beam rifle in SRW. This is why Hit&Away is rather necessary for Hugo early on.

The secondary weapon of Cerberus is Gatling Pod which are autonomous weapon pods released from Cerberus shoulder upon usage. It is also the only post movement ranged weapon that Cerberus have and it shoots solid ammo(later on Cerberus Ignite have the weapon become energy based). I tried to emulate the gimmick which is not the best but looks cool enough.

Then the only close combat weapon that Cerberus had is the Coating sword which Hugo regularly use despite Cerberus is not really meant for close combat. What makes it differ from your regular beam saber is that the Cerberus charges the sword with its generator first before hitting the enemy which somewhat increase the damage inflicted. Later the Cerberus Ignite have even more powerful sword charge.

The strongest weapon that Cerberus possess is the Terminus cannon on its back which discharge powerful energy beams. I didn't realize that there are extension units on the shoulder when Cerberus use the Terminus cannon which probably some kind of energy absorber or stabiliser. If you have this toy, try to handle the cannon with care since it is really fragile.

Cerberus: Brother?
Alteisen Riese: no, not yet.

While there is no real similarities between Riese and Cerberus, It is due to Cerberus Ignite which is why i make this parody. Cerberus is the first FAF that i bought and probably i will get another one if i find some good deals. Apparently Belzellute did have a FAF treatment and probably i will buy it if i can find one. If you are interested in this lineup try to find in Mandarake or YJA since the FAF lineup are never released outside Japan like the Volks A3. 

Here are some more pics of Cerberus with the chest piece missing.

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