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SRW OG Masoukishin 2: Revelation of Evil God Review

Great sequel that no one anticipated

Another revew means that another SRW that i have finished. Lord of Elemental is good enough to make interested getting the sequel and become fan of the series at the same time. Overall the game is as fun as the first one and i managed to finish 3 runs, too bad nobody really play this game since Saisei-Hen overshadowed this game at least what i see in the west.

Lasfitot, the god of Balance
Revelation of Evil God continues and expands the plot from Lord of Elemental where Masaki and cos formed task force called Antillas team which are mainly hunting down the Volkruss cult though in this game they also fight against rebel Shutedonia forces. Just like the name implies, this sequel of Masoukishin reveals more about Volkruss, the god of destruction which is the main antagonist of the series. It turns out that the real form of Volkruss are consist of 3 lesser forms. In this game Masaki and co are trying to prevent the attempt of Volkruss cult to revive the 2nd lesser form of Volkruss which is the God of Balance, Lasfitot.

during the journey Masaki lost some allies but gain some as well. Tian and Ahmad from LOE left the party, Tian sacrifice himself to prevent a resurrection of Lasfitot while Ahmad leave for some unknkown reason. But in return Masaki and cos had new recruits who are Tsulein and Mefyl who pilot the new Masouki of Meteor and Volcano respectively. Also former member of Volkruss cult called Gaen joined the party who used Solgady. later in the game a new team member from surface world called Gino valencia joined the cast as well with Dinflail which looks like an assasin  .In Masoukishin 2, Masaki will also visit Aerial kingdom which resemble to classic sengoku jidai and probably will play more role in future SRW.

Throughout his journey in this game Masaki will also get a new Rival, Eran Zenosakis a sword master from Zenosakis bloodline who is from different family with Presia and pilots a masouki named Zelvoid which closely resembles with Cybuster. Long story short Masaki clash with Eran for couple of times and along the way he suffer some dilemma which cause him unable to pilot Cybuster for a while. Though it was resolved shortly after Masaki clears his mind and able to communicate with the Guardian spirit of Cybuster, Cyfis and able to unlock Possession ability. It appears that Cyfis is going to be another addition to Masaki's harem.

Just like the first Masoukishin game, Revelation of Evil God have several routes in this game in which there are 3 in total. The routes are divided into Wendy's, Presia's and Yanlong route each with different focus of the game. Wendy's route doesn't really have much story to offer other than sudden resurrection of Wendy's evil twin sister while Precia's route revolve around Zenosakis bloodline relationship with Volkruss and you will see more involvement of Eran in the game. Lastly Yanlong's route reveal more background of Elsine who is one of the major character in this game and i think Yanlong's is probably the true route in this game because you get Shu in this route.

In terms of Gameplay, Masoukishin 2 still have the same mechanics with its prequel which probably some people doesn't like but still fine for me as it manage to distinct with other SRW series really well. There are some minor improvement compared to the first game where you are able to customize your pilot's skill which improve as they fought more and the game has some interesting mechanism where you can freely choose the last seishin for your pilot. There are also more unlockable secret techniques for some character and team attacks as well and some of them require you to go through a specific route which attracts you to do more playthrough. Just like the previous Masoukishin, you will never go wrong investing in the 4 Masoukishins and Valsione as they are the most solid unit in the game. While it is only brief you get to use Duraxyl which i hope will be completely usable in future Masoukishin title.

Masoukishin 2 is definitely really fun game though you probably need to play the First Masoukishin first in order to really enjoy this game which some people might hate the idea. The best aspect of this Masoukishin series is the story no doubt, while it seems abit mediocre it is at least much better compared to current OGs which is abit clusterfuck at the moment. The story of the series is still far from resolved as the true mastermind of Volkruss cult still have something in her sleeve and the series is only able to finish when the True Volkruss appear at least. Probably the 3rd masoukishin installment will be revolving around the 3rd lesser god of Volkruss which might be the God of creation or something around that line. I hope to see the possesion form of the other Masoukishin in the next sequel and hopefully Duraxyl is playable as well.

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