Thursday, May 17, 2012

Now Playing SRW Z2 Saisei-Hen!

Now after i finished my Masoukishin 2 playthrough, i am able to play Saisei-hen as i finally got my copy last 2 weeks from Amiami.  While i am slightly late joining the party, i am really enjoying the game so far as i am able to unders and now i am up to stage 30. The 30th stage is quite special because it is the homage to a particular part of Hakai-Hen where Crowe hilariously get his upgrade unit in the same way again(though his melee version of Li-brasta looks rather ugly). Saisei-Hen is certainly an improvement of Hakai-Hen and each stages are even longer now as you will fight tons of enemies. My current favorite unit is Basara who got much better song remix now and i am looking forward the moment when Ozma met him in person :D. The game deserved its hype for sure as but at the same time it also get too much unwanted attention from some fanbases too which makes me a bit sad. Anyway, probably it will take a while before i am writing a review since i have decided to finish 2 playthroughs at least before writing one. By the way having 100% completion Save data from Hakai-Hen really helps your first playthrough since you got decent amount of money and 300 PP for all characters.

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