Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zeta Gundam a New Translation

One of the Gundam series that i have watched recently and i am watching the newer Movie version. While i have been familiar with the series for a while already, this is actually the first time i touched the anime series. In short the movie is a highly condensed version of the Television series with some animation enhancements all over. Overall i find the Movie is really well made as it really shows what makes Zeta Gundam to be famous and it also managed to make me planning to watch the TV series which is probably one of the goal was the movie was made. Though there are some differences with the original storyline that i know after the first movie for instance the Kilimanjaro arc and Dakar day are skipped and Kamille managed to survive this time. While the movie is highly condensed and skipped some of the arcs, i find it still portrays the scale of the Gryps War really well which is actually smaller than OYW. Also what make me likes the Movie is due to the original series quality rather than the animation quality and now i know why everyone hates Katz :) (but i have to admit his character as a normal teenager in the middle of war is portrayed very well). The movie would have been really stellar if it is made with whole new animations but it still did really well with its budget(100 million yen for 3 movies?!). Anyway if you like the movie you might try to play SRW Z which feature the series and the characters are always the new version all the time!

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