Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Robot Damashii Composite Ver Ka Ξ / Xi Gundam

While Bandai is unlikely to release the Plamo kit of Xi Gundam anytime soon, they still didn't forget this guy and decided to announce the release for Robot Damashii treatment. Previously Xi Gundam see itself in Gundam Fix Figuration lineup where it is packed with Penelope as one package though it is unlikely to see the same treatment again this time. From the leaflet information,, the Robot Damashii will be the improvement version of the previous GFF and stands 18cm tall which is roughly 1/144 scale of the model. The Xi Gundam RD will be sold in Tamashii Web Shop just like Byalant, while there is no confirmed release date year, the RD probably cost more than 7000 yen when it is released due to its size. Xi Gundam is well known to be one of the first MS(technically Penelope is the first) in UC Era with proper midair flight capability due to Minovsky Craft and piloted by Hathaway Noah in Hathaway's Flash rebelling against EFSF. if you are interested, my previous Mechatalk cover some more detailed information about Xi Gundam.

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