Saturday, July 10, 2010

My review of Sousei no Aquarion

Sousei Gattai! GO! Aquarion!

Recently i finished one of the anime series created by Macross Director called Sousei no Aquarion or Aquarion's Genesis. The reason why i decided to pick up the series is because i saw its debut in the trailer of Another Century Episode: R series which looks appealing and also for preparing myself for SRW Z.

So back to the topic again, Overall Sousei no Aquarion is not bad mecha show but not good either. Aquarion is pretty much a generic Super Robot series which has its own High and low moments which sums up making it rather mediocre. The story of Aquarion series can be summed up to young protagonist who is a reincarnation of an Angel who betrayed his own brethren to protect humanity fighting against enemies called Shadow/Fallen Angel with a 3 combining machines called Aquarion.

This is Solar Aquarion one of the 3 forms of Aquarion 
and the most used form

What makes this series rather unique is that it is one of the few series that makes the transformation sequence interesting as the pilots gets a pleasant sensation which is full of sexual innuendos. On top of that the lead mecha of the series called Solar Aquarion is one really awesome mech as tts signature move is really epic and hotblooded where it extends its arms punching the enemy to the moon. Also the opening of the series is one of the God-tier opening for mecha series which is is not that many in this last 10 years.

Other than the Mecha and the song, i find the rest aspects of Aquarion to be rather lacking.  Overall story is pretty cheesy, the background is promising but was not utilised properly and the main protagonist epic level is pretty much overshadowed by his past life. The story has no real villain as the Shadow/Fallen Angels lacks of conviction and doesn't have enough motive to be one. The animation for most of the battle scenes are quite bad since they use 3D animation to animate it, which tend to miss alot only to be good for some segment of the story.

The Mecha design looks really good indeed and Mugen Punch is hotblooded enough. I wished there were still Soul of Chogokin for this guy since . As for the ending it is decent enough despite the story is not wrapped up really well.

After i watched this anime i understand Aquarion and i think it deserve spot in ACE: R indeed. If you like Super Robot series then you should watch this series since Aquarion also had plenty of homage for the past Super Robot series.

Edit: just finished watching the OVA version, basically it is a reimagination of the original story with slight tweaks and this time the background's usage is better compared to the former one . It is better to watch the OVA than the TV series if you have less spare time to spend.

Aquarion in SRW

1st OP of the anime which is really good song

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