Saturday, July 10, 2010

1/72 VF-1S(WIP)

 Pretty old kit from Bandai.

This week currently i am working on this kit, really hard to build since it really needs alot of paint and i messed up in the earlier parts. the remaining thing to finish this kit is painting some places on the parts and applying all of the water decal.

If i had Airbrush, this kit will look really superb but it can't be helped. I used white gundam marker for the overall paint.

Initially i used tamiya white marker but it is too strong and worse is i used primer which doesn't mix really well with the markers.

The most significant problem that i face with this kit is plenty of gaps since the cement is not strong enough to bond the plastic completely, i should learn how to use putty to close the gaps.

The Battroid mode is kinda look unbalanced because the torso and the arms are too big in my opinion, perhaps i will compare it with the Yamato VF-1S to see whether the kits are biased.

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