Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1/100 VF-2SS (WIP part 2)

Last part of my WIP before i review this kit.

For this kit  i managed to finish assembling all of the parts including painting. So the only remaining jobs that i  need to do are Decaling and marking.

The kit looks really cool after all, it is a right choice that i made to pick up this kit. The backpack is pretty heavy which makes the kit easily to fall over but probably it is the coolest add-on for Variable Fighter in terms of design while it doesn't look really convincing for me when it comes to practical use which i will explain later in the review of this kit.

There are 2 sets of decal provided for this kit, i will apply the waterslide decal first before using the Sticker which i will apply after giving clear coat. Probably the review should be up by thursday.

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