Friday, October 29, 2010

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu

Pretty hilarious watch.

Few weeks ago i finished watching the anime of this Light Novel adaptation and overall the watch is pretty entertaining though story is so-so. The story setting takes place in a Highschool where Summon Creature or Shokanjuu are implemented to rate the performance of students. The better grades a student has, the stronger the shokanjuu will be. The class of the students are divided from A to F ranking which order from the best to the worst and the story ofthis series focus on Class F

F class is the worst where the most stupid people go, which is reflected on the classroom quality where the desks are cardboards. The F class life is ordinary until a honor student, Himeji happen to join this class since she missed the grading exam. Despite her clumsy appearance Himeji is very smart and as good as most A class student which makes F Class had a chance to challenge other class.

The main character in this series is Yoshii Akihisa, one of the most idiot student in F class. He is pretty much a joke character since he pretend to be smart but in actuality he is really dumb. The difference that Akihisa has is his summon creature are different where every damage inflicted to his creature will be received by him as well. Despite he is a dummy, he got himself quite a number of harem.

Probably the most popular character in this series, Hideyoshi Kinoshita. He always mistaken by Akihisa as a girl even though he always proclaim himself as a boy which always cause the running joke along the series. Hideyoshi is really popular among the fans that he had his own trap tier because he is really convincing as a girl even though he is a boy.

The reason that i like the series is because the joke is very hilarious and i see plenty of cameo from various anime such as To aru Majutsu. Probably why the anime is popular among Otakus are because the anime offers pretty complete variations of fan services which range from Tsundere, Yandere, Yuri, Yaoi, Kyonyu, Petanko and most notably Traps. As for the story, the content are mediocre at best since it is typical school life story nowadays. As for the Shokanjuu system, i don't think it is realistic at all and petty much a gimmick i would say.

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu probably the best representation of the mainstream genre of nowadays anime where Fanservice are staple and main story are not given good enough attention. Don't expect anything really intelligent from the anime and you will enjoy the anime since it is really hilarious. I heard there are plan for 2nd season to come but i am pretty skeptical if the anime will be good if the content pattern is the same with 1st Season.

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