Monday, October 25, 2010

Patlabor Movies and Ovas

All of them are great!

Last week i managed to marathon most of the Movie and OVAs of Patlabor which are available online. I watched 1st Movie, 2nd Movie, 2nd OVA and Minipato, i would have missed plenty of stuffs about patlabor if i haven't watched these movies.

First i watched the first movie, the story takes place before Kumagami join SV2 to replace Kanuka. The story is about the virus infection to labor by new OS which makes Labors went berserk and SV2 must investigate the problem before the infection become an outbreak, Probably this the earliest time where AV-0 is introduced in the Patlabor Timeline, i thought this labor first appear in the tv series but it is wrong. Most of the content of the movie are investigations while the last few part of the movie is Labor Action. Pretty good movie but not the best yet.

Next is the 2nd Movie, the tone of this movie is really serious and probably most serious animation of the Patlabor. 2nd Movie takes place roughly a year after the TV series takes place and Original SV2 members went their own path which is sad for me. The story is about the a faction of JSDF rebelled against the Japan government and hijack Tokyo, it is up to the SV2 to stop them. Just like 1st movie, the Labor action is few and located at the last part of the movie. This movie has plenty of political contents about Corrupt Beueraucrats and serious Gotoh is damn serious, Note for this movie you should watch this the last because it takes place long after other movies take place.

Next is the 2nd Ova or more known as Patlabor the new file and probably my favorite. This OVA concludes stuffs that are not concluded in the TV series and takes place at the 2nd Half of the Tv series. The first few part are the battle with Griffon and conclusion of the story and the rest is the daily life of the SV2. The reason that this OVA is my favorite is that some episode is really Hilarious which makes me Lmao'd. i would recommend to watch this OVA at least since you will miss most of the stuff if you don't watch it.

Last part is Minipato which was the latest Patlabor adaptation, this OVA explains the technical stuff about Patlabor such as Labor technology and Special Vehicle division budget arrangement in 3 short episodes presented in Super Deformed style. The OVA covered some technical aspects that were not explained in previous adaptations.

Hope this article will give insights about Patlabor movies and if you guys have watched them, what's your favorite? I wish there will be another Patlabor adaptations in the future...

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