Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1/144 Mirage Sarion WIP(part 2)

Now just need to do the marking and decalling for finishing touch.

The Kit looks abit limp since i haven't apply cement on the legs because i will need to mark it later and also i haven't mount the veil yet for the same reason. The assembly is one of the most challenging part in making FSS kits, i am crying blood when i try to assemble the waist part since the parts are really loose due to really small point of connection with each parts.

I guess the white paint does not reach my intended target since it has kinda different color compared to sample shown in the instruction booklet. Probably you will notice that some parts are not equally white compared to other notably the waist because of many cement applied on that part.

On other side, the Veil looks pretty perfect for me and i really like the silver paint i used. I wonder how different will it be the result of my kit once i finished marking and decalling my kit.

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