Thursday, October 7, 2010

1/100 VF-2SS Review

Finally finished this kit as well.

It took me 4 days to finish assembling this kit. Overall it is really nice kit with some flaws because it is old. So far this kit is the most successful result in my spray painting attempt.

VF-2S serve as new UN Spacy main forces 80 years after the SDF Macross finished. One of this VF is piloted by Silvie Jenus the main heroine of the series who is an Ace pilot of UN Spacy, she also serve as part of the love triangle in the series that she appears in which is Macross 2 Lovers again. She is the grandchildren of a Meltran Warrior which explain her capability(It is hinted that her grandmother is Milia Jenius).

VF-2SS is one of my Top 5 favorite Variable Fighter design due to its slim design, it is really sad that the OVA didn't show the potential of this VF to its fullest in my opinion and the OVA is the weakest out of macross series which makes this VF hardly known.

To handle the transformation mechanism, Bandai use 3 different types of inner parts to connect the legs which are meant for Fighter to Battroid which are shown from left to the right.

The Gerwalk mode is okay but due to the Backpack being heavy, the kit has tendency to be humpback in this form.

When i tried to build this kit at first i felt that i am being tricked by Bandai since i thought the super parts and the VF parts are separated but it is wrong because the super parts are molded together with the VF therefore you only get VF-2SS from this kit.

The battroid form looks really good after all, i should have painted some of the parts instead of using the dry transfer decals. Some flaws that i made during making this kit is poor masking on several parts which result in the black spots around right torso and right thigh.

The instruction booklet of this kit can be also used as Poster for Ishtar which is not that bad. The ending of Macross 2 would have been much better if Hibiki ends up with Ishtar.

Compared to 1/72 VF-1A, 1/100 VF-2SS is slightly smaller compared to it which means in real size VF-2SS is bigger than VF-1 but smaller than VF-19 and VFs with similar size.

VF-2SS comes with several armaments, they are: Gunpod, Pulse/Laser Rifle?, and noticably Laser cannon. the weapon gimmick is good however The arms of this kit is terrible that the articulation of the arms is severly limited which make the hand posing is not that good. The hand is no good either because the hole in the hand to place weapon is really small and it is hard to remove the weapon once it is hold.

The Laser cannon is the strongest weapon available for VF-2SS though in the OVA it is shown only once and not impressive. The power of this armament is unknown but probably it is stronger version of VF-1 Strike pack cannon. Though this weapon is rather impractical for VF since it render VF immobile when aiming for the target which doesn't really suit a VF characteristic.

Full Fire Hikaru Ichijo Style!

This kit is pretty fun to build overall though painting is required for this kit. My dissapointment with this kit is that the super parts are molded together with the main body and the arms are terrible. However this kit has pretty good detail and arguably one of the best design of Variable fighters. This kit is pretty rare but if you live in Sydney you might have a chance to get one easily since one of the main hobbystore in sydney has stacks of this kit which makes me wonder as well

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  1. ese modelo es el que mas me gusta de todo macross