Friday, June 10, 2011

Discord of the Wind and Darkness! Granzon Vs Cybuster

The inevitable battle begins!

Since i got Granzon already now i can make the battle scene between Granzon and Cybuster. This is the main reason why i want to get Granzon despite it is not my favorite mech. Granzon is the archrival of Cybuster since the the pilot of Cybuster, Masaki Andoh hold a deep grudge against Granzon's pilot Shuu Shirakawa. Unfortunately due to the complication from the kit i am unable to do some of the pose that i want to do. Anyway enjoy this review!

Masaki: Well it seems that i got lost again after searching for Shuu in multiple dimensions, now how can i retu-

Shuu: Hi there Masaki~~~

Masaki: SHUUUU!!!!!!!

Masaki: I will defeat you this time for good!
Shuu: *chuckles* Show me what you got then Masaki-kun~~~~

Masaki: Don't call me like that you bastard! Take this Dis-Cutter!
 Shuu: Hmph!

Shuu: Pathetic! is this what the Wind elemental lord only got? i thought you can do better than that
 Masaki: Shut up! i am not finished yet!

Masaki: How about this! Hah! Sure kill Sid Cutter!

Shuu: not bad.. you almost got me there.....
Shuu:  As a token of gratitude let me return the favor twice
 Masaki: Hmmph what's with that silly curvy sword i doubt you can slash anything with that shape

Shuu: Here i go Masaki~~~ let me share my feelings to you
Masaki: Ew that's really gross.... Ugh! such a power! i can't give up yet!!! *Kicks Granzon in the face

Shuu: That's mean Masaki~~~ how could you reject my feeling?! my heart now really hurts
 Masaki: I almost died there! you idiot i think my patience ends now!

Shuu: ....So do I, this getting boring let me finish you with this last attack then
 Masaki: You are the one that will be getting finished!

Shuu: Behold the power of Meioh Att... i mean BLACK HOLE Cluster!
Masaki: COSMO NOVA!!!!!!!!!!

Masaki: Nothing happens......

Shuu: It seems that in our current form we are unable to perform our ultimate attack due to lack of gimmicks...

Masaki: So is this the end?

Shuu: For this time.

Masaki: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Since this is my first plamo skit i guess the dialogues are pretty boring though i will try to do better next time when i am going to do it. As for next review i am thinking to work on my Patlabor kit and please look forward for it!

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  1. Lack of gimmick eh....
    Shu & Masaki : Onoreee Kotobukiyaaaaa!!!!!

    BTW it's not fair making a non scale granzon fighting 1/144 cybuster